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Modernization of Russia

Holy Russia - Third Rome
The new subject of international law, the State Holy Russia - Third Rome, 21.09.2013.

Nova Church of Holy Russia
Orthodoxy and Christianity require reforming and release of heresy and obscurantism. 21.09.2011.

The Seljuk Dynasty Origin New!!!
The author put forward a hypothesis according to which the Seljuk’s Sultans came from the Princes of the Russ – Rurikovich Kin, who eventually converted to Islam. The hypothesis was fully confirmed by the identification of the main historical figures of the Seljuk dynasty with the descendants of the Princes St. Vladimir and Yaroslav the Wise. We are talking about the rulers of Sultanate of Rum Sultan Suleiman and his descendants, as well as Tuqaq, Seljuk, Mikail, Israel, Toghrul, Alp Arslan and other Sultans. Princes and their sons from the Principality of Tmutarakan became Seljuk’s Sultans, from where they conquered the countries and peoples of the Caucasus, Iran, Asia Minor and Central Asia. 24.05–12.06.2023.

Synchronization of historical and religious Chronicles
The author correctly synchronizes historical and religious Chronicles of the Ancient World based on a short chronology and linking events to unique celestial phenomena reflected in the annals and Scriptures. The author believes that discrepancies in dates, geographical localities and ethnic origin of historical and religious figures are due to erroneous traditional chronology and historical geography, as well as the deliberate adaptation of phenomena and events to an established paradigm. 20.04–25.05.2020.

Astronomical dating of Biblical events
The author's reconstruction of the history and chronology of religions is fully verified by identifying 15 celestial phenomena described in the Chronicles, including 11 Solar Eclipses, 3 Zodiacs and 1 Supernova. A chronological shift of 1780 years in the history of Ancient Egypt has been confirmed for 6 phenomena, including 3 Solar Eclipses and 3 Zodiacs, including the Eclipse of Pharaoh Takelot on August 8, 891. Astronomically confirmed the date of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ as March 18, 1010, and the date of death of Ibrahim – the son of the Prophet Muhammad as February 7, 1152 (28 Shawwal 546 AH). 20.02–31.03.2020.

Origin of the gens Rurik
After the break of ties between the metropolis and the Russian principalities, the annals of Byzantium were cleared of the mention of "foreigners" in the management of the Empire, and the Chronicles of Russia did not have time to properly reflect the role of Rurik in world history. A study of the sources of Ancient Rome, New Rome, Russia, Arab countries, Danube and Volga Bulgaria allowed the author to identify the Russ gens and Bulgarian Khagans with the Flavian dynasty, as well as to identify Rurik, his descendants and relatives from the Macedonian dynasty (IX–XI century) and dynasty of Lecapenus (X century). The last Russian Emperor of New Rome been Yaroslav the Wise, throne name Constantine Monomachos. 11.09–21.10.2019.

Chronology of monotheistic religions
The author identified the Patriarchs of monotheism with well-known figures of human history. He proved that the oldest religion of monotheism is Christianity, which had a theoretical character in the I Millennium (Old Testament Christianity) and a practical embodiment at the beginning of the II Millennium (New Testament Christianity). Islam and Judaism emerged only in the early VII century and became radical branches of Christianity. Based on the study of solar eclipses, the author has determined the date and place of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ (March 18, 1010 in Constantinople), the year of the death of the Prophet Muhammad (1152) and the period creation of the Quran (1130–1152). 01–27.08.2019.

Localization of Ancient Rome
The history of Ancient Rome is well studied, but hides a lot of inconsistencies and contradictions relating to the period of formation of the city and the expansion of the Romans into the world. We believe that the problems are caused by ignorance of the true localization of Ancient Rome in the Volga region on Akhtuba until the Fire on 64 and move city to location of Veii in Italy. The article also considers the aspects of ethnic origin of the peoples of the Latin League, Ancient Rome and Europe. The vector of expansion of Ancient Rome from the Volga region to the Europe coinciding with the migration flows of the Migration Period and the spread of PIE is substantiated. In addition the article considers the dynamics of growth and decline of the population of Ancient Rome in the localities from its inception to sunset and transformation. 23.06–16.07.2019.

Short chronology of Ancient Egypt
The history of Ancient Egypt generated in XIX century, every day finds out all greater discrepancy to modern realities both the newest archeological and tool data, including results of DNA researches of mummies of the Egyptian pharaohs. The chronology of Egypt as whole is considered well investigated and however it has been created for substantiation of an antiquity of Jewish people, instead of for scientific description of one of most ancient terrestrial civilizations. Author's reconstruction of chronology of Ancient Egypt has found out time shift at rate 1780 years in depth of centuries from true dating events. 1-16.06.2019.

Great Tartary or Slavic Empire
The next riddle of world historiography is solved. Present clause is devoted to history and modern condition of one of the most grandiose empires of terrestrial civilization – Great Tartary or Slavic Empires. 04–19.09.2017.

The European Aryans
In present clause the broad audience of the questions connected to probable Aryan origin of various European peoples is considered. Including aspects of possible an Aryan origin of Slavs and prospects of presence by these of special way to world around are considered. 25.02.2017 - 24.03.2017.

Summarizing of Zemsky Sobor 2016 (Land Assembly 2016)
Within the framework of carrying out Zemsky Sobor 2016 (Land Assembly 2016) on elections of Grand Prince of All Russia four Nominees have been put forward. The overwhelming majority of voices have been given for Nominee Grand Prince Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev. Will of God and decision of participants of Assembly, Zemsky Sobor 2016 has elected lifelong Grand Prince of All Russia Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev Grand Kubensky Rurikovich. 11.05.2016.

Yaroslavl’s Princes Rurikovich
In clause is described family tree of Grand Princes of Yaroslavl and their descendants, it is the senior branch of the Kin of Russ – Rurikovich, going back to Mstislav Great Monomachos. Kin of the Grand Princes of Yaroslavl have continued by Princes Grand Kubensky – Kubarev. 22.02.2016–11.03.2016.

All truth about Saint Prince Vladimir
In clause the all truth about Saint Prince Vladimir which is ignored Orthodox and Romanov’s historians, communistic historical science and their modern adepts, fabricating myths about Russ with « good intentions » opens without denominations. The kin of Russ - Rurikovich has created Orthodoxy and the Russian statehood, Russian people began to forget about it. Glory to Russ! 07-17.07.2015.

Brief chronology of religions
The report at XXX International conference on problems of the Civilization, 25.04.2015, Moscow, RosNoU. In the clause the final Chronological Tables of Ancient Egypt, Ancient and New Rome, Rome in Italy, Christianity, Islam and Judaism are submitted. 25.04.2015.

Canons of Orthodoxy of XIV century and the present time
The report at XXIX International conference on problems of the Civilization, 20.12.2014, Moscow, RosNoU. In the report the comparative analysis of canons of Orthodoxy of XIV century (1315-1321), displayed on mosaics and frescos of Church of Chorus in Istanbul, and modern doctrines are made. Numerous differences of events of the Holy Legend and the Gospel of the past and the present are found out. 20.12.2014.

Ethnic threats to peoples of Russia
In clause political, economic, cultural and religious aspects of consequences of ethnic opposition of radical peoples of Russia and new coming Slavic population formed as result of violent Slavic expansion in Russia in days of the Mongolian yoke are considered. The historical reasons of occurrence of ethnic contradictions are investigated, estimations of modern condition of problem (Chechelevskaya and Lubotinskaya Republics in 1905, Donetsk national republic and Lugansk national republic in 2014 in territory of Ukraine) are given and offers on decrease in escalation of ethnic opposition in territory of Eurasia are made. 09.06 - 05.07.2014.

Attribution of Rurikovich and Emperors Lecapenus
The report at XXVIII International Conference on problems of the Civilization is 26.04.2014, Moscow, RosNoU. In clause it is described detailed attribution of Ugrian Tsars with Emperors of Ancient and New Rome and Patriarches of terrestrial civilization. It is scientifically proved origins of all patriarches of monotheism and Emperors Flavius and Lecapenus from kint of Ugrian Tsars of Russ (Great), is the ethnic Finn-Ugrian from Volga region. 23.03.2014 – 24.04.2014.

Putin's Eurasian impasse
Vladimir Putin and Uniform Russia realize the Eurasian project, involving Russia and Russian people during stagnation and backlogs from World Civilization. They create Gog and Magog Empire, menacing to world peace. Why the Kremlin authority has not asked Russian Slavs – they want to live in the Asian country or to be safe Europeans? 14-22.01.2014.

Projections of the God in symbols of religion
As result of studying the extensive visual material created by 3D modeling, we have proved existence of uniform source of an origin of Projections of the God, that is religious symbolic of people. The source or quantum object refers to the Chariot of the God. We believe that on the basis of our researches, it will be possible to organize training to travel on the Universe of space navigators from the most gifted people and to create spaceships with engines as the described quantum generator is Chariots of the God or the Chariot of Cube. 25–30.08.2013.

Origin and migration of Slavs
Historical and genetic routes of migrations of the Slavs, calculated with the help from ancient Byzantium, European, Chinese, Arabian, Bulgarian and Russian chronicles and annals, and also modern researches of man's DNA chromosomes. 01-21.05.2013.

Empires of cousins of Russ
The report at scientific XXVI International conference on problems of the Civilization 26-27.04.2013, Moscow, RosNoU. In article five world Empires of cousins of Russ (Great) existing in our era on open spaces of Eurasia with cyclicity of occurrence once in 300 years are described.

Hungarian Kingdom of Russ
It is continuation of research of dynastic communications of Rurikovich. Cousin of Rurik Almysh/Almos and his children Kazan/Kurszan and Arbat/Arpad, it is all ethnic Ugrian of Russ, have based at the end of IX century – beginning of X century the Hungarian kingdom of Russ, having grasped Great Moravia. 08-11.01.2013.

Reconstruction of dynastic communications of Rurikovich in IX-XI centuries
Report at anniversary scientific XXV International conference on problems of civilization at 21-22.12.2012, RosNoU, Moscow. Corrected at 03.01.2013.

Educated Christianity of Russ
Bible – the Old Testament and the New Testament has exhausted itself. Forged the Scripts and the Sacred Legend cannot serve more as a spiritual reference point for promotion of mankind forward on the river of time. It is allowable to use only spiritual – moral potential of the ancient products being product of national creativity of Jews and Catholics, instead of divine revelations. The chronology of Bible events, an ethnic accessory of patriarchs of mankind, names, geography and original languages of heroes of the Bible do not correspond to the validity. Bible miracles have the quantum nature in the basis and submit to laws of a universe. Educated Christianity of Russ restore the religious both destroyed obscurantists religious and scientific knowledge of Christianity and revolutionary role of religion in history of civilization. 26.08. – 12.10.2012.

True Empty Tomb
Nova Church of Sacred Russia and Sacred Russ, Princes of Russia congratulates mankind on presence of True Empty Tomb and restoration of the religious and historical truth. The true has triumphed forever. 20-29.05.2012.

Orthodoxy and Islam in Old Russia
The report at XXIV International scientific conference on problems of the Civilization in Russian New University on April 20-21, 2012.

Day of Church Slavonic writing. Russ Cyril and Methodius.
In this significant holiday of Day of Church Slavonic writing and remembering Equal Apostles Sacred Cyril and Methodius, Princes of Russ convincingly ask Russian Orthodox Church and the public of the orthodox countries to return to sources and correctly to name the writing, language and church books Russian, but not Slavic. Ancient Russia was the Finno-Ugric state created by Russ Christians Rurik and Igor, Cyril and Methodius, Askold and Dir, Prophetic Oleg and Sacred Olga, Sacred Vladimir and Empress Anna Macedonian. 24.05.2011.

Wars of Russ in IX-XI centuries
In article on a rich actual material it is shown, that all wars of Russ with Byzantium in 836-1043 have been connected to deduction of a throne of empire by Russian party of Constantinople headed by the Macedonian dynasty of Russ. To the author it is proved, that two centuries co-emperors of New Rome were Great Princes Rurikovich. Last Russian emperor Jaroslav Mudry known in Tsar Grad as Constantine Monomakh was. The report at scientific XXII International conference on problems of the Civilization 22-23.04.2011, Moscow, RosNoU.

Genetic distances between cousins Rurikovich
The report at scientific XXII International Conference on problems of the Civilization, on April 22-23, 2011, RosNoU, Moscow, Russia. 24.04.2011.

Slavic-Mongolian invasion to Russia
Results of our research of an origin of Slavs have not simply scientific, but political value. In view of the received data it is necessary to form the weighed policy of interethnic and inter religious attitudes in Russia and the world. The modern hobby of Russian Slavs Rodoverie, the Aries origin and the contemptuous attitude to inhabitants of Central Asia, Caucasus, Mongolia, China and other regions of the world bears a system and logic mistake. Rodoverie in general it is senseless, in fact ancestors Rodoverian in Russia and Ukraine have left Central Asia and were Kirghiz, Altaian’s, Tajik’s, Pashtun’s, Uyghur’s and Juan-Juan, and completely not blond demigods. 12-18.03.2011.

Old Rome and Italic union of the Volga region
The scientific article on an extensive historical material proves that Ancient Rome has been created by Finno-Ugric tribe’s of Italic union of the Volga region (Idel, Bulgar). Italic peoples Vestini (Vesi), Marsi (Merya), Lucani (Lucane), Marrucini (Marri) and others till now live on Volga. Finno-Ugric named Latinas (Latinyanami) German peoples of the Volga region, differently Altyn-ami that means Gold literally. Fortress Alba Longo was called Altynbash, and Volga region Rome – Ulak-Urum. Southwest capital of Finno-Ugric of Idel was city Phanagoria or the Finn–Ugoria, being in antiquities capital Bosporus Empire and Great Bulgaria was. The web of lies of the western falsifiers of history how many would not be twisted, but to it all the same there comes the end. 10-21.02.2011.

Correct genographic
We have proved fidelity Bulgarian theory of an origin of mankind. She proves to be true a natural vector of moving of people on a planet from the Volga region in all parties of Eurasia, and there from to Africa, Australia and America. All peoples and races of the world have taken place from Hindi-European, namely – from ethnic Finno-Ugric. 01-07.02.2011.

Correct DNA-Genealogy and glottochronology
Scientific article of Grand Prince Valeriy Kubarev on DNA-Genealogy and glottochronology is submitted to your attention. The author has created formulas with which help it is possible to define precisely time of life of the general ancestor and an epoch of formation of various languages. These formulas have received the name of Kubarev’s formula. With the help of mathematical calculations, Valeriy Kubarev has proved fidelity Barrow of Hypothesis of Maria Gimbutas and own reconstruction of a history of the world. We hope that results of research will find wide application in DNA-Genealogy and glottochronology. 04-14.01.2011.

Genealogy and genetics of Princes of Russia
The report of Grand Prince Valeriy Kubarev at XXI International Conference on problems of the Civilization 25.12.2010. Valeriy Kubarev's scientific article describes genetics of Rurikovich and Sorts of Russia. Grand Prince has scientifically defined modal haplotype of Rurik, Gedimin, Russ Aydar, Kubrat, Flavius and has theoretically described modal haplotype of Alexander Great, Jesus Christ Zlatoust, Prophet Mohammed and Genghis Khan. All these well-known people ethnically Finno-Ugrian from the Sort of Russ. 25.12.2010.

What do we celebrate on November 4? Loss of the national sovereignty...
National voting or voting of national representatives is unacceptable for elections of Tsar and Grand Duke, in fact tsar from the God, and the voice of people is not a voice Divine. Elections of Grand Duke only voting of Princes – patrimonial aristocracy of Russia are possible. 08-21.11.2010.

Turn of the Earth promptly comes nearer
This is article with the analysis of abnormal geophysical and climatic activity on a planet. 09-12.09.2010.

Baltavar – a symbol of Christianity, an Islam and Judaism
Petrarca: « When people will address to the history, his greatness come to live » 30-31.03.2010

History of Russ about 3506 BC till 2012
Kubarev V.V.'s report, History of Russ about 3506 BC till 2012. Section «Civilization aspects of the Russian history and chronology». Tenth International scientific conference «Civilization of knowledge: global crisis and an innovative choice of Russia», Moscow, April 24-25, 2009, RosNOU.

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Whose fault is it?

The Catechon Paradigm as an instrument of the Antichrist New!!!
In the article, the author examines the current state of the catechon paradigm and the practice of using the provisions of the concept in the political and public life of the Russian Federation. According to the author, the idea of the catechon in Russia was intercepted by the forces of evil and used as a screen to cover their deeds. Today, the catechon paradigm has become an instrument of the Antichrist and his adherents to gain world domination. The only resource for Lucifer’s conquest of the world is sinful people whom he can attract under his banners. As successful as his deception and seduction will be, so strong and numerous will be the army of Satan. 05–17.12.2022.

Impairment of Orthodoxy New!!!
In the article, the author has carried out a retrospective analysis of the events and processes that led to the impairment and transformation of the canons of Orthodoxy and the patristic tradition of Russian Christianity. Prohibitions and reliance on the good intentions of opportunists within the body of the church led to a natural distortion of the teaching. As a result, the Orthodox Church became vulnerable to the pressure of Lucifer's lies and deception and ceased to be a source of life. 30.09–25.11.2022.

Features of Christianity in Cappadocia New!!!
The usual facts for Cappadocia were the proximity of male and female Monasteries and their communication. The plots and frescoes of the Churches were created no earlier than the first quarter of the XI century. The isomorphic images of St. George, Theodore Stratelates and Theodore Tiron have come down to us. According to the author, St. George became a collective image of the Saints Constantine the Great and the two Theodores. The fresco of the Serpent Church depicts Onuphrius the Great as a hermaphrodite, which the Church is trying to forget. On the face of the purposeful distortion by Christianity of the Holy Tradition, led by the Holy Spirit, and the removal from the original sources. 05–28.08.2022.

Emperors Lekapenos(920–945)
Based on a thorough analysis of the chronicles of New Rome, Ancient Russia, Great Bulgaria and Arab sources, the author has justified the Finno–Ugric origin of the Macedonian Dynasty and the Lekapenos Dynasty. The details of the biographies, names, dates of rule and family ties of dozens of Emperors, Khagans and Princes of Byzantium, Russ and Bulgar coincide with great accuracy, which makes it possible to identify all the studied personalities with real historical figures. In local chronicles, they have different or identical names, depending on the national characteristics of the nicknames of the studied persons. 07.12.2020–30.01.2021.

Dancing on bones (people losses of USSR in SWW)
We have found out the facts of direct falsification of human losses of military men and civil persons of the USSR within the Second World War in some millions person. Forgery is caused by activity of the propaganda machine of the USSR and false understanding of patriotism in modern Russia. By our calculations true irrevocable losses of the population of the USSR within the SWW make 7.6–8.7 million persons from among military men and the general losses with civil people 12.8–13.9 million persons. Have run away from Stalin paradise of USSR is hundred thousand (up to 1.3 million) the persons. We believe that the name of each victim of war should be taken into account and sounded publicly. 04–18.05.2019.

Expansion of Rome from Volga region
The report at XXXIII International conference on problems of the Civilization, 24.12.2016, Moscow, RosNoU. In the report the extensive information on resettlement of peoples to Europe through ports of Bosporan Kingdom and Bosporus to the Mediterranean from the Volga region, Siberia and Caucasus during existence of Ancient Rome in delta of the rivers Volga and Akhtuba since VI century B.C. up to middle of VI century is submitted. 24.12.2016.

Seleucus and tribal leaders of Rome
The report at scientific XXXI International Conference on problems of the Civilization has acted on December 26, 2015, RosNoU, Moscow, Russia. In the report the hypothesis that "Macedonian" gains of IV century B.C. actually are the first wave of expansion of Ancient Rome and resettlement of peoples on South, East and West from territory of the Volga region and Caucasus is put forward and proved. 26.12.2015.

Picturesque Gospel of Church of Chora (Kariye) in Istanbul
Research of artifacts of Church of the Christ Savior in Chora (Church of Chorus, XIV century, Istanbul) has allowed restoring overlooked nuances of ancient doctrines of Byzantium Orthodoxy. The numerous facts of distortion Holy Book and Holy Legend have been found out at formation of modern Christian canons which at all are not an inviolable reality from above, and there is product of human creativity. 15.09–08.10.2014.

Images ancient Romans from Volga in artefacts
Long millennia in Idel-Rome-Memphis-Mitsraim-Itil-Saray-Batu lived from 600 000 up to one million person. Ruins of city are grandiose pantry of a history, culture and religion. Masonic scientists diligently avoid carrying out there scale excavation. In those places prospers only black selector of treasures. How long it is possible to hide to world elite of impostors true from people? 20-22.04.2010.

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Sixth and other questions New!!!
Why doesn't the ROC want to stop the war? 14.02.2022.

Five questions to the ROC New!!!
The first question: What is the data of the Birth of Christ now? The second question: When and where was Jesus Christ crucified? The third question: When will the Apocalypse begin? Fourth question: Why Tartarus and the Kingdom of The Beast located in Russia? The fifth question: When did Vladimir Putin become the receptacle of the Beast? 24-27.01.2022.

The Prophet Muhammad and the Quran
Based on an independent analysis of artifacts, ancestral tree and astronomical phenomena related to the deeds, life and death of the Prophet Muhammad, as well as historical evidence of the first appearance and legal use of the Quran in the life of Muslims, the author drew conclusions about the integration of several historical figures of the VII and XII centuries into the personality of the Prophet Muhammad. They became Khagan Kubrat, aka Emperor Heraclius, the Arabian Prophet or Caliph of the Rashidun Caliphs and the true Prophet Muhammad, who lived in 1090–1052. The Quran was created in 1130–1152. The proposed interpretation does not undermine the canons of the faith of Islam, but establishes the truth. 11–30.11.2021.

Syncing the chronicles of Rome and Egypt
Based on a thorough analysis of details of military campaigns and astronomical phenomena from the chronicles of Ancient and New Rome, Ancient Egypt and Persian sources, the author confirmed the chronological shift in the history of Ancient Egypt by 1780 years in the past. The author also revealed the complot of historians to conceal the existence of Ancient Egypt in I millennium by masking the deeds of the Egyptian Pharaohs of the New Kingdom for the non-existent activity of the Kings of the Sasanian Empire. 06–29.03.2021.

The identification of the Patriarchs with historical figures
The author correctly identifies the Patriarchs of monotheistic religions with historical figures of the past based on the paradigm of a short chronology of the world and linking events to unique celestial phenomena reflected in Chronicles and Scriptural. The identification of the Patriarchs is based on the analysis of data from the genealogical trees of Jesus Christ from Lucas, Matthew, mosaics of the Church of Chora, the genealogical tree of the Prophet Muhammad and lists of the Kings of the Great Bulgaria. 21.07–27.08.2020.

Pure Relationship
We have found out and have proved that at everyone men are two direct lines of Pure Relationship on which in each generation of ancestors he has only one pair pure relatives – the forefather and the foremother. All other ancestors are the listed relatives. We also have proved that each woman has two direct lines of Pure Relationship on which in each generation of ancestors it has only one pair foremothers. On the basis of research we confirm De Facto firmness of the absolute law of succession is rule Lex Salica of Pure Relationship. 05.08 – 03.09.2014.

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  Valery KUBAREV > Whose fault is it? > Impairment of Orthodoxy

Impairment of Orthodoxy

Kubarev V.V., Impairment of Orthodoxy, East European Scientific Journal (Warsaw, Poland), #7 (83), 2022 part 1. pp. 14–26. Link:

Summary: In the clause, the author has carried out a retrospective analysis of the events and processes that led to the impoverishment and transformation of the canons of Orthodoxy and the patristic tradition of Russian Christianity. On the basis of immutable facts, the author has shown the falsity of the claims of the clergy and theologians about the preservation and multiplication of the initial impulse of faith given to believers at the time of the first coming of Jesus Christ through the Apostles and the righteous. Prohibitions and reliance on the good intentions of opportunists within the body of the Church led to a natural distortion of the teaching and betrayal of the ideals of the first Christians and the Holy Family. As a result, the Orthodox Church became vulnerable to the pressure of Lucifer's lies and deception and turned from a source of life into a servant of death and darkness. Keywords: Christianity, Orthodoxy, clergy, flock, Jesus Christ, Apocalypse, John the Theologian, Holy Family, Patriarchs, chronology.

Statement of problem: The traditional patristic tradition is in line with the outdated archaic paradigm of opposing Orthodoxy to the rest of the Christian world, believing it self to be the light of salvation in a world of chaos and the approaching Apocalypse. There is no self-criticism and no program to resist evil and the influence of the Beast on the souls of the flock and clergy.

The analysis of the last of research and publications: The publications of theologians in recent years in classical publications do not question the norms and canons of the patristic tradition and turn a blind eye to a lot of contradictions and inconsistencies revealed over the past decades of studying and clarifying the chronology and history of Christianity.

Allocation unresolved before parts of the general problem: The statements of the Orthodox Church about the preservation and multiplication of the traditions of teaching, which is self-deception and a lie, have become a common place. The problems of the degradation of teaching, forgery and manipulation of historical facts need independent research and publication.

The purpose of clause: Based on the study of the centuries-old movement of Orthodoxy from formation to decline, through the facts of the penetration of lies into the fabric of teaching and patristic tradition, to assess the ability of the church to counteract the influence of Lucifer on the clergy and flock in the year of the trials of the Apocalypse.

The basic material: Orthodoxy (Gr. ὀρθοδοξία) means "right glorification" or "right opinion". Now fidelity to the teaching of the Church is maintained through the practical development of the patristic heritage, rather than theoretical understanding of the truths of the Christian faith. Any deviations, discussions and criticism are declared heresy. At the same time, the Orthodox Church is convinced that the forcible retention of the positions of faith and canons is more important than establishing the truth. The Church is in thrall to the opinion that it has always done so, therefore, distortions could not get into the teaching and it is simply necessary to protect the tradition set out in the decisions of the Councils, canons, books and documents.
At the same time, it is known that the modern version of Christianity was actually formed in the XVII–XIX centuries by the efforts of people who have nothing to do with the Kin of Russ, who created Orthodoxy and gave the world many Patriarchs, Equal-to-the-Apostles, Saints and Hierarchs.
Let us consider in retrospect the process of betrayal of Russia and the degradation of the patristic tradition by the Russian Church as it moves into the past.
In the XVIII–XIX centuries in Russia, theology and the independence of the Church ceased to exist. In 1700–1720, Peter the Great abolished the Patriarchate in Russia and established a Spiritual Board, later the Holy Government Synod, making the Church part of the state administration. Church life and canons were controlled by officials and scholars from Europe, who introduced into Orthodoxy the practices of the Catholic and Protestant West and the fantasies of Jewish rabbis and Zionists. As part of the censorship of the doctrine in the XVIII century, ancient frescoes of temples and monasteries created by Russian icon painters, for example, Andrei Rublev, were destroyed or painted over. Instead of frescoes, universal iconostases with the "correct" version of Biblical events began to be installed. The octagonal Stars of Russ began to change into the hexagonal Stars of David.
In 1859, the Palestine Committee emerged, transformed in 1864 into the Palestine Commission and in 1882 into the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society. The Palestinian society actively supported the project of the Holy Land on the territory of the future Israel. Over the years, the Palestinian Society has printed tens of millions of books of the Bible and spiritual literature, making it accessible to citizens. After all, until the XIX century, ordinary people were forbidden to read and interpret the Bible. The Palestinian Society and the Academy of Sciences were intensively engaged in corrections and forgery of ancient handwritten chronicles and books as part of the "clarification of dogmas".
Accordingly, the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) does not operate in the field of patristic tradition, but in the quagmire of illusions of the clergy and state officials of Russia who lived during the years of the Russian Empire. Instead of the ancient Orthodox patristic tradition, Tsarism imposed the dogmas of the Judeo–Christian paradigm established in the West. According to the new ideas, Jesus Christ and the Holy Family are declared Jews and Semites, like all Patriarchs of Monotheism, but not Israelis, and Biblical events are geographically concentrated in Palestine, Egypt and the Middle East.
In the XIX century, the Palestinian Society began to persuade the Orthodox to make a pilgrimage to Palestine to visit Holy Places. The Mission of Saint Sergius of Jerusalem was opened in Jerusalem. Scientists and priests in Russia have done a great job of "finding" ancient books and chronicles, as well as making numerous edits to existing lists. The book The Life and Walk of Abbot Daniel from the Russian land, dated to the beginning of the XII century, was introduced into scientific circulation [1]. The book perfectly describes the geography and shrines of Palestine, known only in the XIX century. As a measure of length, Abbot Daniel used a Verst (Mile), which came into use only in the XVII century.
The translations of the Bible from Greek were changed in order to replace the truth with good intentions. Including the word "Tartarus" began to be written as "abyss". After all, after Russia conquered Siberia and the Far East, a bad luck came out when the country became part of Tartarus and got into its possession the area with the lair of the Beast.
In 1810, with the support of the Emperors of France and Russia, the Kuvuklia (Empty Tomb) or the Holy Sepulchre was built in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Since then, the pilgrimage has been redirected from Constantinople–Constantinople to El Quds, which became known as Jerusalem.
A little earlier in the 1650s, Patriarch Nikon carried out the reform of the Russian Church, causing irreparable damage to Orthodoxy and making significant distortions, including the three-finger sign of the cross. Patriarch Nikon came from the Mari or Mordvinian peasants of Nizhny Novgorod. He organized the censorship of liturgical books and the unification of Russian liturgical practice with the Greek tradition. At the same time, the Greek Church and the Ecumenical Patriarch have been in captivity of the Ottoman Empire for more than 200 years.
The real crime of Orthodoxy against the Mother of God was the tragedy with her mortal body that happened in the Kiev Pechersk Lavra. In 1617, a marble coffin of the Theotokos, dressed in royal robes, was discovered near the Limit of John the Baptist of the Cathedral of the Dormition, which crumbled to dust when the lid was opened. The Virgin looked like a gray-haired virgin girl asleep with a blush on her cheeks. The deceased found in the men's monastery was declared Princess Juliania. Soon the abbot of the Lavra had a dream that the Virgin in heaven stands ahead of all the girls and requires special reverence for herself [2]. Therefore, the Virgin's body was laid at the altar of the Cathedral. For a century, the body of the Virgin remained as if alive. Finally in 1718, the monks of the monastery set a fire in the Church, in the fire of which the Virgin's body was charred beyond recognition. After that, the relics of "Saint Juliana" were placed in a trunk and transferred to the Nearby Caves of the Lavra. People who believe in the Mother of God, sanctified by the dignity, destroyed the nature of the Intercessor of Russia, untouched by time and people. I believe that this outrage rejected the Most Holy Theotokos from Russia back in 1718.
The previous blow to the Church was the Hundred-Domed Cathedral of 1551, convened by Ivan the Terrible in Moscow. In fact, he fully supported the decisions and reforms of the Trident or XIX Ecumenical Council of the Catholic Church (1545–1563) to change the chronology and geography of Biblical events.
At the same time, in the XVI century, Prince Andrei Kurbsky and Ivan the Terrible in their correspondence called Russia Israel, and the Princes Rurikovich "strong in Israel" [3]. During the oprichnina and the massacre organized by Ivan the Terrible, numerous Princes of Russ were killed – direct descendants of Patriarchs, Saints, Equal-to-the-Apostles and Hierarchs of Orthodoxy. About 700 families of people who keep the Holy blood of the Savior and the Patriarchs of Monotheism in their genes were killed. After this tragedy, the true knowledge and merits of the creators of Orthodoxy were lost or rejected by the Church clergy of Russia.
It should be noted that on the entire ancient frescoes of Cathedrals, Temples and Churches of Russia, the Monomashich Princes were always depicted with holy halos around their heads. The true sanctity by birth of the members of the Russ – Rurikovich Family was later presented as an unfair advertisement of the Russian nobility.
The real reason for the change in the localization of Biblical events and the ethnos of the Patriarchs of mankind was the fall of Constantinople in 1453 under the blows of the Ottoman troops. Before these sad events, Russian prelates and fathers of the Church regularly made pilgrimage visits to Constantinople is the True Jerusalem of Orthodoxy.
One of the last pilgrims to the Holy Places – Constantinople and Athos, were the theologians St. Nil Sorsky (1433–1508) and St. Innocent (in the live Ivan) of the Princely family Okhlyabin (died in 1491 or 1515). The original Life, containing information about the journey to the Holy Places, was burned in 1538 [4]. Later, the Church claimed that they had also been to Palestine, which in our opinion is lie.
One of the most famous Russian pilgrims to the Holy Land was Stefan Novgorodets, who made a pilgrimage to Constantinople and not to Palestine at all, in 1348 or 1349. The only source of knowledge about Stefan is his work, entitled in the manuscript From the Wanderer Stephen of Novgorod [5]. It was first published by I.P. Sakharov in the collection Travels of Russian People in 1839. Publishing this text, Sakharov said that he had previously been considered an unreliable list from the Walking of Abbot Daniel [1]. The book indicated that Stefan in Constantinople met with Novgorodians – Ivan and Dobrila, copyists of books who lived in the Monastery of the Stoudios. The originals of the Walk, of course, have not been preserved, because they were destroyed for good purposes.
In the 1320s, on the outskirts of Constantinople, near the Palace of Anna of Byzantium/Porphyrogenita and the Virgin in Blachernae, the Chora Church (Spas in the Fields) was built. Mosaics and frescoes with a picturesque Gospel reflecting the life of Jesus Christ and the Virgin were painted on the walls of the Temple. The canons of the beginning of the XIV century differ significantly from modern dogmas. For example, the Evangelists depict Saints John, Cosmas, Joseph and Theophan. There are no images and names of the canonical evangelists Luke, Mark and Matthew. The genealogy of Jesus also does not coincide with the traditional one today. The mosaics show that the High Priests in the "pre-Christian" era blessed people with the sign of the cross. Constantinople is depicted by Jerusalem, where there is an icon of the Virgin with the infant Jesus above the Golden Gate. According to the paintings, the family of the Virgin has not been to Egypt. Further, Anna and the Virgin wore purple cloaks, worth their weight in gold, which the wives of Emperors often could not afford, etc. See the article The Picturesque Gospel of the Chora Church (Kariye) in Istanbul [6].
The most famous pilgrim to the Holy Places of the early period of the formation of Christianity in Russia was the Archbishop of Great Novgorod Anthony of Novgorod, in the world Dobrynya Yadreikovich (died in 1232). In the Novgorod first chronicle for 1211 it is written [7]:
"... came… Dobryna Yadr'ikovitsa has taken the Caesar of the City and brought the Holy Sepulchre with him... and the Archbishop Antonia has been installed there."
Dobrynya in 1200 went to the Holy Places in Constantinople, where he lived for several years. At the same time, he never intended to go to Palestine, as it is said in the Life. Naturally, the original Pilgrim's Book was "lost" during the Romanovs' reign. Dobrynya found the capture of Constantinople by the Crusaders in 1204, where he took action to save the shrines. From his pilgrimage he brought to Novgorod the robes of Theodore Stratilates, the relics of Blasius of Sebaste, part of the stone from the tomb of John the Theologian, a particle of the True Cross, the stone of the Empty Tomb and the relics of the Great Martyr Barbara. According to some reports, the stone of the Holy Sepulchre eventually fell into the New Jerusalem Monastery near Moscow.
In the XIX century, the text of the book The Life and Walk of Abbot Daniel from the Russian Land, dating from the beginning of the XII century, entered scientific circulation [1]. Initially, it was believed that the journey took place in 1113–1115, and now they think that in 1104–1105. Nothing is known about Daniel himself. The traveler unexpectedly made a completely accurate description of the road from Constantinople to Jerusalem in Palestine gave the names of cities and distances between points, which he measured in Versts (Mile). In the information about Jerusalem there is a description of the Easter service in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the descent of the Holy Fire. At the same time, it is recognized that Daniel made serious mistakes in topography and history. It is known that the measure of the length of a Mile (Verst) appeared in everyday use only in the XVII century. Versts were called pillars on Verst roads. It is clear that in the XII century no one was engaged in the installation of pillars and the arrangement of roads. In the past, a measure of the length of the popriche (one day of way) was used. Most likely, the fake about the journey to the Holy Land was fabricated by the future founders of the Palestinian Society in the XIX century in order to make an ancient justification for the inventions of chronologists and Masons.
Comparing the texts of the book of Daniel and the Tale of the Bygone Years of Nestor [9], written in the same years, the modernity of Daniel's style and language catches the eye. On the contrary, the language of Nestor is slow and difficult to understand, which once again confirms the forgery of Daniel's Walking. The Orthodox Church approved this treatise and made it part of the patristic tradition.
Let us move further into the depths of the centuries, bearing in mind that the metropolitans of Russia received appointments in Constantinople and the Russian Princes maintained ties with Byzantium by concluding dynastic marriages with the daughters of the Emperors (Sophia Palaiologina, Olga Komnenos, Anastasia Monomachos and Anna Porphyrogenita). Before the conquest of Russia by the hordes of Genghis Khan in the 1230s, the Princes of Russ confirmed the Title of Grand Prince in Constantinople with the Emperor. After the Mongol occupation, the Princes began to receive a label to rule in the Golden Horde. As a result, Russia politically and spiritually lost its centuries-old connection with the New Rome and the Ecumenical Patriarch.
Only 180 years before the Mongol occupation, the last Emperor of the Russ and Rurik dynasty ruled in New Rome – Constantine Monomachos, aka Yaroslav the Wise [8]. Due to opposition from the Byzantine elite, Constantine Monomachos failed to hand over the reins of the Empire to Prince Vsevolod, even arranging a dynastic marriage in the 1040s with one of the Princesses of New Rome – his relative, as well as reins to grandson Vladimir Monomachos. The termination of the rule of the Macedonian dynasty in Constantinople created conditions for further distortion of Orthodoxy and oblivion of the role of the Macedonian dynasty and the Lekapenos dynasty as participants in the events of the New Testament in the 1010.
So in the Tale of Bygone Years [9] (about 1110–1118), the authorship of which is attributed to the Kievan monk Nestor, we observe late inserts concerning the general Biblical history and world chronology, in which there is no place for the participation of the Kin Russ – Rurik in the Old and New Testaments. At the same time, we see in the Creed adopted by Saint Vladimir, the Arian heresy about the likeness of the Son to the Father, instead of unity. There is also no mention of the Virgin Mary, Pontius Pilate and the Apostolic Church. According to our reconstruction, this means that at the time of the baptism of St. Vladimir, Jesus Christ was not crucified and the New Testament had not yet occurred (1010).
It is also interesting that in 1065, the TBY [9] described a double celestial phenomenon – an total eclipse of the Sun and Supernova M1 flare in the constellation Taurus, which occurred in 1054 (May–July) and were well observed in China near the Qufu city, where Jesus Christ Chrysostom died in earthly life. In Russia, this Sun Eclipse was not observed at all, and there is no direct connection in chronicle of the phenomenon with the death of the Savior, but the information remained.
Note that when reading an earlier clause of the Kiev monks – the Patericon of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra [2], we find records of the active interaction of Jesus Christ Chrysostom/Zlatoust and the Virgin Mary with the monks and founders of the Lavra, the Venerable Anthony and Theodosius. The appearances of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary are presented in the Patericon in the form of some miracles, in which the Savior and Mary hand over to the participants of the events quite earthly objects and money for the construction of the Church of the Virgin Dormition and for painting walls and icons with Biblical subjects. First, before his crucifixion, Jesus Christ gave the Voivode Simon Afrikaner a golden crown and belt (1010), and then in the 1050s–1060s, the Virgin Mary met twice in Constantinople with architects and icon painters in her palace in Blachernae, previously owned by her mother Princess Anna. During the meetings, the Mother of God stayed in Constantinople and gave to builders and icon painters the money, a holographic construction plan, her icon of the work of the Apostle Luke, relics of saints and other artifacts.
Thus, the Orthodox Church and the local Church of Russia refused to be related to the Mother of God, Anna and Joachim, John the Baptist and the Lord Jesus Christ Zlatoust himself. At the same time, the statement of the Virgin Mary is widely known that she will always be the defender of Russia.
Tell me please, what does the Virgin Mary care about Russia at all if she was Jewish and lived a thousand years before the formation of the Russian state?
It is important to note that during the entire period of the rule of the Macedonian dynasty and the Lekapenos dynasty (867–1056), there is not a single Chronicle left in Constantinople describing this rule. In fact, all the information doubtful for late Christianity and historiography was destroyed. To conceal the real Biblical history of New Rome and Russia, the dates of birth and marriages, names and nicknames of Princes, Emperors, Princesses and bishops are deliberately distorted in Russian chronicles. For example, according to the TBY, Princess Olga gave birth to a son Svyatoslav at the age of about 60 years old [9], Grand Prince Basil is called Vladimir even after baptism, etc. In Byzantine historiography, the falsification of Armenian researchers was taken for granted that the members of the Macedonian dynasty and the Lekapenos dynasty were ethnic Armenians, and not ethnic Ugrians from the Volga region, like all Roman Flavians.
According to the author's reconstruction of history [8, 10–13], the large–scale efforts of theologians, historians and chronologists, undertaken after the Council of Trent and the Stoglav Synod in the middle of the XVI century, led to a complete perversion of Biblical history and discrediting of the Holy Family, which was recorded in the righteous Jews. In fact, the Virgin Mary was born in the family of St. Vladimir and Princess Anna Porphyrogenita, later Bishop Joachim of Chersonesus, the future Archbishop of Great Novgorod, became Mary's spiritual father. Jesus Christ Chrysostom was born at the junction of the 979/980, and all his deeds of life are accompanied by a cascade of Biblical astronomical phenomena. At the time of Jesus' birth, comet Olbers (13P/Olbers) was observed. Jesus was crucified on Mount Beykoz on March 18, 1010, and resurrected exactly on the day of the vernal equinox on March 20, 1010 [13]. An annular solar eclipse was observed during the execution (An Annular 58th 94 Saros, 15:33 UT). The closest relatives of the Savior were the Emperors Basil and Constantine, the grandmother of Princess Anna, and he was executed by order of Ecumenical Patriarch Sergius II. It was not the Jews who crucified Christ, but the most respectable Christians who were waiting for his arrival. A special True Cross was used for the execution, according to legend, the Messiah on this cross was supposed to rise on the third day, and the fraudster simply perished. Chrysostom/Zlatoust lived a long life after his resurrection.
In the middle of 1054 (Total Eclipse 103 Saros 10.05.1054 and Supernova M1), the Savior died of old age in the Qufu city under the name of Kong, Confucius [10, 12]. In his honor, the world's largest burial structure was created on a river island surrounded by one hundred thousand relict trees. The monument to Jesus Christ/Confucius reads The grave of the King who achieved perfect wisdom and perfection in enlightenment by great achievements. More recently, Chinese scientists extracted the incorruptible body of the deceased, who turned out to be a red-haired European with a harelip and a height of 190 centimeters. The results of the body examination are unknown.
Unfortunately, the Orthodox Church and the Ecumenical Patriarchate could not resist the falsifications, since in 1453 Constantinople was captured by the Ottomans, and the Patriarch of New Rome lost his influence. According to the author's hypothesis, Ivan the Terrible in the middle of the XVI century received financial assistance from Great Britain for the development of Muscovy, which led to the opening of the Moscow trading company and the approval of the censorship of the Old Testament and the role of the Kin Russ – Rurik in the New Testament.
The betrayal of the Biblical history of Russia also affected the events of the Old Testament. Recall that according to the author's reconstruction of the history of religions, the first millennium of the Christian era corresponds to Old Testament Christianity and after the sacrifice of Jesus Christ in 1010, the Era of New Testament Christianity came. The concept of a "New era" corresponds to the beginning of the Christian era, according to the beliefs and terms of the Romans.
According to the Bulgarian chronicle [14] and the lives of Saints Cyril and Methodius, the wanderers visited Itil city, the capital of the Khazar Khaganate, around 860. According to the author's reconstruction [10–13] and the Bulgarian chronicles [14], at first they went to the Crimea to baptize Khagan Lachin, aka Rurik. The Prince was cousin to Cyril and Methodius. Because of the war between Lachin and his older brother Djilki, they were forced to go to Itil, where they preached Orthodoxy and baptized one of the Princes, who was Rurik. The Russian chronicles are silent about Rurik's Christianity, although seals of Rurik or his son Igor in the form of a falcon with a cross on his head were found in the vicinity of Great Novgorod. In addition, Russ was baptized under Askold and Dir in 867 and the Russian diocese was registered with the Patriarchate of New Rome under the number 61 and then 60. The modern Russian Church has been turning a blind eye to the presence of Christianity in Russia since the IX century. Even under the Romanov Tsars, the Church was more satisfied with the version about the baptism of Russia by Prince Vladimir. Note that Saint Vladimir was baptized with the name Basil, but Russian historiography and the Church call him Vladimir.
In his numerous works [8, 10–13], the author proved that the ancient Abraham was the Ugric Khagan Er Tash Artan (Tash Bash), aka the Emperor Titus Vespasian Flavius. Isaac is the Khagan Agha Ruzha, he is the Emperor Constantius Chlorus (Chlorus and Ruzha is a red hair color), and his son Jacob is the Khagan Kubar / Barys (Cube), he is the Emperor Constantine the Great. Even Patriarch Judas, supposedly a completely Jewish character, exactly corresponds to Khagan Budimir (Balamber), aka Emperor Valens. The Leader Moses turns out to be the Khagan Arbat, who received the Roman military rank Dux Moiseia (Leader of the province Moesia), then proclaimed Emperor Theodosius the Great. It is not for nothing that the true Orthodox in Russia went to the rack and the bonfire, so that in their beliefs and books the Dux Moiseia was not called Moses, because this is the name of the locality, and not a common name. Joshua is completely identified with Khagan Attila, aka Emperor Theodosius II. The great leader of the Bulgars and Avars, an ethnic Ugric, Kagan Kubrat, received in 628 the religious title of King David, aka Emperor Heraclius, according to a source whose original has been lost [15]. Several silver dishes of the VII century with the history of Heraclius – David have been found in Cyprus. The next Prophet and Patriarch Solomon fully corresponds to the Khagan Sulabi (Suleiman), he is also the Emperor Justinian II Rhinotmetos.
In fact, we are dealing with the circumcision of the origins of the history of Russ and Russia during the IX–X centuries, they say, until that time, events and historical figures had nothing to do with Russian statehood and religion. In fact, the direct descendants of the Khagans Kubrat – King David and King Sulabi – Solomon are the Rurikovich and the Saklan dynasty of Volga Bulgaria. In turn, Khagan Attila – Joshua is the direct ancestor of Kubrat, as well as Khagan Arbat – the Leader Moses, and Khagan Budimir – Judah, as well as Khagan Kubar – Jacob, Khagan Agha Ruzha – Isaac and Khagan Tash Bash – Abraham. Accordingly, Russian historiography and Orthodoxy have thrown out of the memory of Russ and the people pride in their Patriarchs – Tash Bash, Red Aga, Kubar/Barys, Budimir, Arbat, Attila, Kubrat and Sulabi. Modern civilization and Orthodoxy consider Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Judas, Moses, Joshua, David and Solomon to be ethnic Jews who lived in Palestine.
The Zionists, Catholics and Freemasons managed to realize a grandiose falsification due to the fact that the Russian Church obediently agreed to this deception due to the lack of an institute of its own scholars of theology. As a result of the erosion of Orthodoxy, the Eastern Church turned out to be on the side of the Beast, not the Almighty. These sins will be washed away with blood and will not be rewarded with bliss in heaven.
Russian theology not only did not develop, but was subjected to persecution and censorship. A striking example was the tragedy in the work and life of Professor Archimandrite Theodore. The theologian Alexander Bukharev in the XIX century said "Orthodoxy must be like the sun in our entire civil life ... without spiritual constraint and violence to anything, but, on the contrary, to the revival and renewal of everything" [16]. Professor Feodor of the Moscow and Kazan Theological Academies tried to publish the work Studies of the Apocalypse. The authorities withdrew the essay from the press and Theodore was kicked out of work. Then he took off his monasticism and died in poverty at the age of 47.
Russian writer Alexander Bukharev [16,17] identified the Russian Church with "a wife clothed in the sun", and the Slavic-Russian people with her male infant, the force that will fight Satan and defeat evil and darkness. Theodore was convinced that the infernal serpent and the enemy of Christ were the Catholic Church and the West. All these narratives are widespread in the modern Russian Orthodox Church and Russian society. Fortunately for Alexander Bukharev, he did not live to see the revolution of 1917, when the supposedly God-bearing Slavic-Russian people zealously destroyed Churches and the priesthood, desecrated sacred relics and the Orthodox faith itself. Bukharev also did not know that DNA genealogy would reveal the facts that the Slavic people (Haplogroup R1a1) originate from the womb of Tartarus – Sayan and Altai, therefore genetically bears the seal of Lucifer, imprisoned in a cage in these mountains. A hundred years after the bloody revolution, the Antichrist reigned in the heart of Russia – in the Kremlin and staged death, war and outrages in the Orthodox world. The Church, which Theodore personified with the Mother of God and the Wife of the Apocalypse, became the servant of the Beast, and Patriarch Kirill blessed the war and the destruction of Orthodox brothers and sisters. Thus, all the idealistic ideas of Bukharev and the Russian clergy were destroyed by life itself and proved their insignificance.
According to the author's reconstruction of history [8, 10–13], the new Biblical time of the Apocalypse began on March 20, 2010, when exactly 1000 years after the resurrection of Jesus Christ in the True Empty Tomb of the Lord at the cemetery of Yoros near Constantinople, the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland exploded. The eruption of the well of the abyss (the fifth Angel) became the trigger for the fulfillment of the prophecies of John the Theologian about the trumpet voices of Angels [18].
In the history of Christianity, the time period of 1000 years occupies a special place. Previously, it was believed that after the resurrection of the Savior, the world would be given 1000 years before the Apocalypse, and after the Second Coming there would be a blissful new time of 1000 years, which the world would spend together with Jesus Christ. There are numerous trends of chiliasm or millenarianism in the Church that describe a possible future. At the same time, Christians believe that the first thousand years is conditional, simply as a long time, and not an exact calendar date. After all, formally the first thousand years have already passed, but the Apocalypse did not happen on Earth.
According to the author and according to the truth, Christians all over the world have misled themselves since the time of the Trent Council (1543–1563) and the Stoglav Synod in Moscow (1551). Theologically, the recognition of false postulates and chronology by Christians is caused by the influence of Lucifer or Satan, who has always sought to confuse people and deprive them of their chances of salvation. The false chronology threw the Biblical events of the Old and New Testaments a thousand years into the past, supporting the falsification by writing hundreds of fake works by not very ancient authors. For five hundred years, the old lie has been overgrown with tons and tons of new inventions and frauds.
The real chronology of Christianity is based on simple facts. The author and inspirer of Christianity was the Ugric Khagan Tash Bash, whom the Romans called Titus (Tash) Vespasian (Bash) Flavius, and in the Old Testament they call him Abraham. Abraham was born on November 17, 9. In honor of the new religious paradigm, the Romans called the period of time the era of Christianity and attributed its beginning to the 1st year of our era. Exactly 1000 years after the birth of Abraham (17.11.9) on the near Easter, his direct descendant Zlatoust (the Ugric Prince of Russ) became the Savior and fulfilled the predicted liberation of mankind from sins on March 18, 1010, when he was crucified on Adam's Bed Mountain, now is Mount Beykoz in the Asian part of Constantinople. Jesus Christ was resurrected on March 20, 1010, exactly on the day of the vernal equinox. The first millennium of modern history corresponds to Old Testament Christianity, and the second millennium became New Testament Christianity.
The current world has been living in the conditions of the Apocalypse for 12 years the Antichrist has been on the planet for many years and has long settled in the Kremlin. The personality of the head of Russia underwent changes and rebirth under the influence of Lucifer. According to the author, the events of the Apocalypse will end by 2054 [19]. This idea is confirmed by the data obtained by the World One supercomputer calculations, according to which the Earth civilization will cease to exist in the period 2040–2050 [20]. Formally speaking, there will be a transformation of the Earth's civilization, and not a general collapse. Understanding the meaning of the predictions of the Apocalypse is not to prevent the end of the world, to detect and neutralize the Antichrist. The main task of Christians is to expose the Antichrist and remain faithful to Christ. According to the command of the Lord and the Biblical book of Revelation of John the Theologian, all the predicted world cataclysms must happen, and then the web of lies will break, and people will meet their true Savior.

Conclusions of our research: Against the background of the events of the Apocalypse, the Russian Church and Orthodoxy in general is a clumsy obscurantist lump standing on the feet of centuries-old lies and self-deception. In these circumstances, the ROC became vulnerable to attacks by dark forces that, through pretense and deception, were able to use these sins of the Church to destroy Christianity. The ROC narcissistically considers itself to be an image of a wife clothed in the Sun, but has become a servant of the Antichrist. Any attempts to enter into a free discussion on issues of theology, chronology and the fallacy of many postulates run into a wall of rejection and misunderstanding. Well-fed swagger and confidence in their infallibility turned the Church into an archaic organism that died many centuries ago, never becoming a living and bright teaching of Jesus Christ Zlatoust. The ideas of Professor and philosopher Alexander Bukharev about the solar Orthodoxy of renewal without spiritual constraint and violence have sunk into oblivion. The impoverished Church today is unable to save the clergy, flock and humanity from the Beast.
Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev. 30.09–25.11.2022.


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