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Modernization of Russia

Holy Russia - Third Rome
The new subject of international law, the State Holy Russia - Third Rome, 21.09.2013.

Nova Church of Holy Russia
Orthodoxy and Christianity require reforming and release of heresy and obscurantism. 21.09.2011.

The Seljuk Dynasty Origin New!!!
The author put forward a hypothesis according to which the Seljuk’s Sultans came from the Princes of the Russ – Rurikovich Kin, who eventually converted to Islam. The hypothesis was fully confirmed by the identification of the main historical figures of the Seljuk dynasty with the descendants of the Princes St. Vladimir and Yaroslav the Wise. We are talking about the rulers of Sultanate of Rum Sultan Suleiman and his descendants, as well as Tuqaq, Seljuk, Mikail, Israel, Toghrul, Alp Arslan and other Sultans. Princes and their sons from the Principality of Tmutarakan became Seljuk’s Sultans, from where they conquered the countries and peoples of the Caucasus, Iran, Asia Minor and Central Asia. 24.05–12.06.2023.

Synchronization of historical and religious Chronicles
The author correctly synchronizes historical and religious Chronicles of the Ancient World based on a short chronology and linking events to unique celestial phenomena reflected in the annals and Scriptures. The author believes that discrepancies in dates, geographical localities and ethnic origin of historical and religious figures are due to erroneous traditional chronology and historical geography, as well as the deliberate adaptation of phenomena and events to an established paradigm. 20.04–25.05.2020.

Astronomical dating of Biblical events
The author's reconstruction of the history and chronology of religions is fully verified by identifying 15 celestial phenomena described in the Chronicles, including 11 Solar Eclipses, 3 Zodiacs and 1 Supernova. A chronological shift of 1780 years in the history of Ancient Egypt has been confirmed for 6 phenomena, including 3 Solar Eclipses and 3 Zodiacs, including the Eclipse of Pharaoh Takelot on August 8, 891. Astronomically confirmed the date of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ as March 18, 1010, and the date of death of Ibrahim – the son of the Prophet Muhammad as February 7, 1152 (28 Shawwal 546 AH). 20.02–31.03.2020.

Origin of the gens Rurik
After the break of ties between the metropolis and the Russian principalities, the annals of Byzantium were cleared of the mention of "foreigners" in the management of the Empire, and the Chronicles of Russia did not have time to properly reflect the role of Rurik in world history. A study of the sources of Ancient Rome, New Rome, Russia, Arab countries, Danube and Volga Bulgaria allowed the author to identify the Russ gens and Bulgarian Khagans with the Flavian dynasty, as well as to identify Rurik, his descendants and relatives from the Macedonian dynasty (IX–XI century) and dynasty of Lecapenus (X century). The last Russian Emperor of New Rome been Yaroslav the Wise, throne name Constantine Monomachos. 11.09–21.10.2019.

Chronology of monotheistic religions
The author identified the Patriarchs of monotheism with well-known figures of human history. He proved that the oldest religion of monotheism is Christianity, which had a theoretical character in the I Millennium (Old Testament Christianity) and a practical embodiment at the beginning of the II Millennium (New Testament Christianity). Islam and Judaism emerged only in the early VII century and became radical branches of Christianity. Based on the study of solar eclipses, the author has determined the date and place of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ (March 18, 1010 in Constantinople), the year of the death of the Prophet Muhammad (1152) and the period creation of the Quran (1130–1152). 01–27.08.2019.

Localization of Ancient Rome
The history of Ancient Rome is well studied, but hides a lot of inconsistencies and contradictions relating to the period of formation of the city and the expansion of the Romans into the world. We believe that the problems are caused by ignorance of the true localization of Ancient Rome in the Volga region on Akhtuba until the Fire on 64 and move city to location of Veii in Italy. The article also considers the aspects of ethnic origin of the peoples of the Latin League, Ancient Rome and Europe. The vector of expansion of Ancient Rome from the Volga region to the Europe coinciding with the migration flows of the Migration Period and the spread of PIE is substantiated. In addition the article considers the dynamics of growth and decline of the population of Ancient Rome in the localities from its inception to sunset and transformation. 23.06–16.07.2019.

Short chronology of Ancient Egypt
The history of Ancient Egypt generated in XIX century, every day finds out all greater discrepancy to modern realities both the newest archeological and tool data, including results of DNA researches of mummies of the Egyptian pharaohs. The chronology of Egypt as whole is considered well investigated and however it has been created for substantiation of an antiquity of Jewish people, instead of for scientific description of one of most ancient terrestrial civilizations. Author's reconstruction of chronology of Ancient Egypt has found out time shift at rate 1780 years in depth of centuries from true dating events. 1-16.06.2019.

Great Tartary or Slavic Empire
The next riddle of world historiography is solved. Present clause is devoted to history and modern condition of one of the most grandiose empires of terrestrial civilization – Great Tartary or Slavic Empires. 04–19.09.2017.

The European Aryans
In present clause the broad audience of the questions connected to probable Aryan origin of various European peoples is considered. Including aspects of possible an Aryan origin of Slavs and prospects of presence by these of special way to world around are considered. 25.02.2017 - 24.03.2017.

Summarizing of Zemsky Sobor 2016 (Land Assembly 2016)
Within the framework of carrying out Zemsky Sobor 2016 (Land Assembly 2016) on elections of Grand Prince of All Russia four Nominees have been put forward. The overwhelming majority of voices have been given for Nominee Grand Prince Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev. Will of God and decision of participants of Assembly, Zemsky Sobor 2016 has elected lifelong Grand Prince of All Russia Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev Grand Kubensky Rurikovich. 11.05.2016.

Yaroslavl’s Princes Rurikovich
In clause is described family tree of Grand Princes of Yaroslavl and their descendants, it is the senior branch of the Kin of Russ – Rurikovich, going back to Mstislav Great Monomachos. Kin of the Grand Princes of Yaroslavl have continued by Princes Grand Kubensky – Kubarev. 22.02.2016–11.03.2016.

All truth about Saint Prince Vladimir
In clause the all truth about Saint Prince Vladimir which is ignored Orthodox and Romanov’s historians, communistic historical science and their modern adepts, fabricating myths about Russ with « good intentions » opens without denominations. The kin of Russ - Rurikovich has created Orthodoxy and the Russian statehood, Russian people began to forget about it. Glory to Russ! 07-17.07.2015.

Brief chronology of religions
The report at XXX International conference on problems of the Civilization, 25.04.2015, Moscow, RosNoU. In the clause the final Chronological Tables of Ancient Egypt, Ancient and New Rome, Rome in Italy, Christianity, Islam and Judaism are submitted. 25.04.2015.

Canons of Orthodoxy of XIV century and the present time
The report at XXIX International conference on problems of the Civilization, 20.12.2014, Moscow, RosNoU. In the report the comparative analysis of canons of Orthodoxy of XIV century (1315-1321), displayed on mosaics and frescos of Church of Chorus in Istanbul, and modern doctrines are made. Numerous differences of events of the Holy Legend and the Gospel of the past and the present are found out. 20.12.2014.

Ethnic threats to peoples of Russia
In clause political, economic, cultural and religious aspects of consequences of ethnic opposition of radical peoples of Russia and new coming Slavic population formed as result of violent Slavic expansion in Russia in days of the Mongolian yoke are considered. The historical reasons of occurrence of ethnic contradictions are investigated, estimations of modern condition of problem (Chechelevskaya and Lubotinskaya Republics in 1905, Donetsk national republic and Lugansk national republic in 2014 in territory of Ukraine) are given and offers on decrease in escalation of ethnic opposition in territory of Eurasia are made. 09.06 - 05.07.2014.

Attribution of Rurikovich and Emperors Lecapenus
The report at XXVIII International Conference on problems of the Civilization is 26.04.2014, Moscow, RosNoU. In clause it is described detailed attribution of Ugrian Tsars with Emperors of Ancient and New Rome and Patriarches of terrestrial civilization. It is scientifically proved origins of all patriarches of monotheism and Emperors Flavius and Lecapenus from kint of Ugrian Tsars of Russ (Great), is the ethnic Finn-Ugrian from Volga region. 23.03.2014 – 24.04.2014.

Putin's Eurasian impasse
Vladimir Putin and Uniform Russia realize the Eurasian project, involving Russia and Russian people during stagnation and backlogs from World Civilization. They create Gog and Magog Empire, menacing to world peace. Why the Kremlin authority has not asked Russian Slavs – they want to live in the Asian country or to be safe Europeans? 14-22.01.2014.

Projections of the God in symbols of religion
As result of studying the extensive visual material created by 3D modeling, we have proved existence of uniform source of an origin of Projections of the God, that is religious symbolic of people. The source or quantum object refers to the Chariot of the God. We believe that on the basis of our researches, it will be possible to organize training to travel on the Universe of space navigators from the most gifted people and to create spaceships with engines as the described quantum generator is Chariots of the God or the Chariot of Cube. 25–30.08.2013.

Origin and migration of Slavs
Historical and genetic routes of migrations of the Slavs, calculated with the help from ancient Byzantium, European, Chinese, Arabian, Bulgarian and Russian chronicles and annals, and also modern researches of man's DNA chromosomes. 01-21.05.2013.

Empires of cousins of Russ
The report at scientific XXVI International conference on problems of the Civilization 26-27.04.2013, Moscow, RosNoU. In article five world Empires of cousins of Russ (Great) existing in our era on open spaces of Eurasia with cyclicity of occurrence once in 300 years are described.

Hungarian Kingdom of Russ
It is continuation of research of dynastic communications of Rurikovich. Cousin of Rurik Almysh/Almos and his children Kazan/Kurszan and Arbat/Arpad, it is all ethnic Ugrian of Russ, have based at the end of IX century – beginning of X century the Hungarian kingdom of Russ, having grasped Great Moravia. 08-11.01.2013.

Reconstruction of dynastic communications of Rurikovich in IX-XI centuries
Report at anniversary scientific XXV International conference on problems of civilization at 21-22.12.2012, RosNoU, Moscow. Corrected at 03.01.2013.

Educated Christianity of Russ
Bible – the Old Testament and the New Testament has exhausted itself. Forged the Scripts and the Sacred Legend cannot serve more as a spiritual reference point for promotion of mankind forward on the river of time. It is allowable to use only spiritual – moral potential of the ancient products being product of national creativity of Jews and Catholics, instead of divine revelations. The chronology of Bible events, an ethnic accessory of patriarchs of mankind, names, geography and original languages of heroes of the Bible do not correspond to the validity. Bible miracles have the quantum nature in the basis and submit to laws of a universe. Educated Christianity of Russ restore the religious both destroyed obscurantists religious and scientific knowledge of Christianity and revolutionary role of religion in history of civilization. 26.08. – 12.10.2012.

True Empty Tomb
Nova Church of Sacred Russia and Sacred Russ, Princes of Russia congratulates mankind on presence of True Empty Tomb and restoration of the religious and historical truth. The true has triumphed forever. 20-29.05.2012.

Orthodoxy and Islam in Old Russia
The report at XXIV International scientific conference on problems of the Civilization in Russian New University on April 20-21, 2012.

Day of Church Slavonic writing. Russ Cyril and Methodius.
In this significant holiday of Day of Church Slavonic writing and remembering Equal Apostles Sacred Cyril and Methodius, Princes of Russ convincingly ask Russian Orthodox Church and the public of the orthodox countries to return to sources and correctly to name the writing, language and church books Russian, but not Slavic. Ancient Russia was the Finno-Ugric state created by Russ Christians Rurik and Igor, Cyril and Methodius, Askold and Dir, Prophetic Oleg and Sacred Olga, Sacred Vladimir and Empress Anna Macedonian. 24.05.2011.

Wars of Russ in IX-XI centuries
In article on a rich actual material it is shown, that all wars of Russ with Byzantium in 836-1043 have been connected to deduction of a throne of empire by Russian party of Constantinople headed by the Macedonian dynasty of Russ. To the author it is proved, that two centuries co-emperors of New Rome were Great Princes Rurikovich. Last Russian emperor Jaroslav Mudry known in Tsar Grad as Constantine Monomakh was. The report at scientific XXII International conference on problems of the Civilization 22-23.04.2011, Moscow, RosNoU.

Genetic distances between cousins Rurikovich
The report at scientific XXII International Conference on problems of the Civilization, on April 22-23, 2011, RosNoU, Moscow, Russia. 24.04.2011.

Slavic-Mongolian invasion to Russia
Results of our research of an origin of Slavs have not simply scientific, but political value. In view of the received data it is necessary to form the weighed policy of interethnic and inter religious attitudes in Russia and the world. The modern hobby of Russian Slavs Rodoverie, the Aries origin and the contemptuous attitude to inhabitants of Central Asia, Caucasus, Mongolia, China and other regions of the world bears a system and logic mistake. Rodoverie in general it is senseless, in fact ancestors Rodoverian in Russia and Ukraine have left Central Asia and were Kirghiz, Altaian’s, Tajik’s, Pashtun’s, Uyghur’s and Juan-Juan, and completely not blond demigods. 12-18.03.2011.

Old Rome and Italic union of the Volga region
The scientific article on an extensive historical material proves that Ancient Rome has been created by Finno-Ugric tribe’s of Italic union of the Volga region (Idel, Bulgar). Italic peoples Vestini (Vesi), Marsi (Merya), Lucani (Lucane), Marrucini (Marri) and others till now live on Volga. Finno-Ugric named Latinas (Latinyanami) German peoples of the Volga region, differently Altyn-ami that means Gold literally. Fortress Alba Longo was called Altynbash, and Volga region Rome – Ulak-Urum. Southwest capital of Finno-Ugric of Idel was city Phanagoria or the Finn–Ugoria, being in antiquities capital Bosporus Empire and Great Bulgaria was. The web of lies of the western falsifiers of history how many would not be twisted, but to it all the same there comes the end. 10-21.02.2011.

Correct genographic
We have proved fidelity Bulgarian theory of an origin of mankind. She proves to be true a natural vector of moving of people on a planet from the Volga region in all parties of Eurasia, and there from to Africa, Australia and America. All peoples and races of the world have taken place from Hindi-European, namely – from ethnic Finno-Ugric. 01-07.02.2011.

Correct DNA-Genealogy and glottochronology
Scientific article of Grand Prince Valeriy Kubarev on DNA-Genealogy and glottochronology is submitted to your attention. The author has created formulas with which help it is possible to define precisely time of life of the general ancestor and an epoch of formation of various languages. These formulas have received the name of Kubarev’s formula. With the help of mathematical calculations, Valeriy Kubarev has proved fidelity Barrow of Hypothesis of Maria Gimbutas and own reconstruction of a history of the world. We hope that results of research will find wide application in DNA-Genealogy and glottochronology. 04-14.01.2011.

Genealogy and genetics of Princes of Russia
The report of Grand Prince Valeriy Kubarev at XXI International Conference on problems of the Civilization 25.12.2010. Valeriy Kubarev's scientific article describes genetics of Rurikovich and Sorts of Russia. Grand Prince has scientifically defined modal haplotype of Rurik, Gedimin, Russ Aydar, Kubrat, Flavius and has theoretically described modal haplotype of Alexander Great, Jesus Christ Zlatoust, Prophet Mohammed and Genghis Khan. All these well-known people ethnically Finno-Ugrian from the Sort of Russ. 25.12.2010.

What do we celebrate on November 4? Loss of the national sovereignty...
National voting or voting of national representatives is unacceptable for elections of Tsar and Grand Duke, in fact tsar from the God, and the voice of people is not a voice Divine. Elections of Grand Duke only voting of Princes – patrimonial aristocracy of Russia are possible. 08-21.11.2010.

Turn of the Earth promptly comes nearer
This is article with the analysis of abnormal geophysical and climatic activity on a planet. 09-12.09.2010.

Baltavar – a symbol of Christianity, an Islam and Judaism
Petrarca: « When people will address to the history, his greatness come to live » 30-31.03.2010

History of Russ about 3506 BC till 2012
Kubarev V.V.'s report, History of Russ about 3506 BC till 2012. Section «Civilization aspects of the Russian history and chronology». Tenth International scientific conference «Civilization of knowledge: global crisis and an innovative choice of Russia», Moscow, April 24-25, 2009, RosNOU.

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Whose fault is it?

The Catechon Paradigm as an instrument of the Antichrist New!!!
In the article, the author examines the current state of the catechon paradigm and the practice of using the provisions of the concept in the political and public life of the Russian Federation. According to the author, the idea of the catechon in Russia was intercepted by the forces of evil and used as a screen to cover their deeds. Today, the catechon paradigm has become an instrument of the Antichrist and his adherents to gain world domination. The only resource for Lucifer’s conquest of the world is sinful people whom he can attract under his banners. As successful as his deception and seduction will be, so strong and numerous will be the army of Satan. 05–17.12.2022.

Impairment of Orthodoxy New!!!
In the article, the author has carried out a retrospective analysis of the events and processes that led to the impairment and transformation of the canons of Orthodoxy and the patristic tradition of Russian Christianity. Prohibitions and reliance on the good intentions of opportunists within the body of the church led to a natural distortion of the teaching. As a result, the Orthodox Church became vulnerable to the pressure of Lucifer's lies and deception and ceased to be a source of life. 30.09–25.11.2022.

Features of Christianity in Cappadocia New!!!
The usual facts for Cappadocia were the proximity of male and female Monasteries and their communication. The plots and frescoes of the Churches were created no earlier than the first quarter of the XI century. The isomorphic images of St. George, Theodore Stratelates and Theodore Tiron have come down to us. According to the author, St. George became a collective image of the Saints Constantine the Great and the two Theodores. The fresco of the Serpent Church depicts Onuphrius the Great as a hermaphrodite, which the Church is trying to forget. On the face of the purposeful distortion by Christianity of the Holy Tradition, led by the Holy Spirit, and the removal from the original sources. 05–28.08.2022.

Emperors Lekapenos(920–945)
Based on a thorough analysis of the chronicles of New Rome, Ancient Russia, Great Bulgaria and Arab sources, the author has justified the Finno–Ugric origin of the Macedonian Dynasty and the Lekapenos Dynasty. The details of the biographies, names, dates of rule and family ties of dozens of Emperors, Khagans and Princes of Byzantium, Russ and Bulgar coincide with great accuracy, which makes it possible to identify all the studied personalities with real historical figures. In local chronicles, they have different or identical names, depending on the national characteristics of the nicknames of the studied persons. 07.12.2020–30.01.2021.

Dancing on bones (people losses of USSR in SWW)
We have found out the facts of direct falsification of human losses of military men and civil persons of the USSR within the Second World War in some millions person. Forgery is caused by activity of the propaganda machine of the USSR and false understanding of patriotism in modern Russia. By our calculations true irrevocable losses of the population of the USSR within the SWW make 7.6–8.7 million persons from among military men and the general losses with civil people 12.8–13.9 million persons. Have run away from Stalin paradise of USSR is hundred thousand (up to 1.3 million) the persons. We believe that the name of each victim of war should be taken into account and sounded publicly. 04–18.05.2019.

Expansion of Rome from Volga region
The report at XXXIII International conference on problems of the Civilization, 24.12.2016, Moscow, RosNoU. In the report the extensive information on resettlement of peoples to Europe through ports of Bosporan Kingdom and Bosporus to the Mediterranean from the Volga region, Siberia and Caucasus during existence of Ancient Rome in delta of the rivers Volga and Akhtuba since VI century B.C. up to middle of VI century is submitted. 24.12.2016.

Seleucus and tribal leaders of Rome
The report at scientific XXXI International Conference on problems of the Civilization has acted on December 26, 2015, RosNoU, Moscow, Russia. In the report the hypothesis that "Macedonian" gains of IV century B.C. actually are the first wave of expansion of Ancient Rome and resettlement of peoples on South, East and West from territory of the Volga region and Caucasus is put forward and proved. 26.12.2015.

Picturesque Gospel of Church of Chora (Kariye) in Istanbul
Research of artifacts of Church of the Christ Savior in Chora (Church of Chorus, XIV century, Istanbul) has allowed restoring overlooked nuances of ancient doctrines of Byzantium Orthodoxy. The numerous facts of distortion Holy Book and Holy Legend have been found out at formation of modern Christian canons which at all are not an inviolable reality from above, and there is product of human creativity. 15.09–08.10.2014.

Images ancient Romans from Volga in artefacts
Long millennia in Idel-Rome-Memphis-Mitsraim-Itil-Saray-Batu lived from 600 000 up to one million person. Ruins of city are grandiose pantry of a history, culture and religion. Masonic scientists diligently avoid carrying out there scale excavation. In those places prospers only black selector of treasures. How long it is possible to hide to world elite of impostors true from people? 20-22.04.2010.

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Sixth and other questions New!!!
Why doesn't the ROC want to stop the war? 14.02.2022.

Five questions to the ROC New!!!
The first question: What is the data of the Birth of Christ now? The second question: When and where was Jesus Christ crucified? The third question: When will the Apocalypse begin? Fourth question: Why Tartarus and the Kingdom of The Beast located in Russia? The fifth question: When did Vladimir Putin become the receptacle of the Beast? 24-27.01.2022.

The Prophet Muhammad and the Quran
Based on an independent analysis of artifacts, ancestral tree and astronomical phenomena related to the deeds, life and death of the Prophet Muhammad, as well as historical evidence of the first appearance and legal use of the Quran in the life of Muslims, the author drew conclusions about the integration of several historical figures of the VII and XII centuries into the personality of the Prophet Muhammad. They became Khagan Kubrat, aka Emperor Heraclius, the Arabian Prophet or Caliph of the Rashidun Caliphs and the true Prophet Muhammad, who lived in 1090–1052. The Quran was created in 1130–1152. The proposed interpretation does not undermine the canons of the faith of Islam, but establishes the truth. 11–30.11.2021.

Syncing the chronicles of Rome and Egypt
Based on a thorough analysis of details of military campaigns and astronomical phenomena from the chronicles of Ancient and New Rome, Ancient Egypt and Persian sources, the author confirmed the chronological shift in the history of Ancient Egypt by 1780 years in the past. The author also revealed the complot of historians to conceal the existence of Ancient Egypt in I millennium by masking the deeds of the Egyptian Pharaohs of the New Kingdom for the non-existent activity of the Kings of the Sasanian Empire. 06–29.03.2021.

The identification of the Patriarchs with historical figures
The author correctly identifies the Patriarchs of monotheistic religions with historical figures of the past based on the paradigm of a short chronology of the world and linking events to unique celestial phenomena reflected in Chronicles and Scriptural. The identification of the Patriarchs is based on the analysis of data from the genealogical trees of Jesus Christ from Lucas, Matthew, mosaics of the Church of Chora, the genealogical tree of the Prophet Muhammad and lists of the Kings of the Great Bulgaria. 21.07–27.08.2020.

Pure Relationship
We have found out and have proved that at everyone men are two direct lines of Pure Relationship on which in each generation of ancestors he has only one pair pure relatives – the forefather and the foremother. All other ancestors are the listed relatives. We also have proved that each woman has two direct lines of Pure Relationship on which in each generation of ancestors it has only one pair foremothers. On the basis of research we confirm De Facto firmness of the absolute law of succession is rule Lex Salica of Pure Relationship. 05.08 – 03.09.2014.

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  Valery KUBAREV > Modernization of Russia > Putin's Eurasian impasse

Putin's Eurasian impasse

In the beginning of XXI century the political management of the Russian Federation has finally chosen strategy of construction of the Eurasian union in borders of the former USSR. The President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin and his main political support – party Uniform Russia fill with integration processes personally. As the supporter and the ideologist of the Eurasian integration the President of Kazakhstan Noursultan Nazarbaev acts.

On theme of the Eurasian integration Putin's numerous policy statements, in particular in Izvestia [1] are written and sounded. Putin's project was supported by one of heads of party Uniform Russia is Boris Gryzlov [2]. Actually these printed materials became V. Putin's electoral program. After his victory over presidential elections since 2012 is the program of actions of the Kremlin for the long–term period. The economic oligarchy and power bureaucracy of the Kremlin clans have supported this dangerous Utopia.

In opinion of Vladimir Putin [1], principles of the Eurasian cooperation will be fulfilled on participants of the union, then transferred on the third countries and regional structures and will be distributed on all space of Eurasia – from Atlantic up to Pacific ocean. Then they planned to begin dialogue with position of force with the states of Pacific region and the USA.

As ideologists and propagandists of Eurasianism paradigm modern philosophers and political scientists Alexander Dugin, Alexander Panarin, Sergey Gavrov and many others act. In the beginning of XX century idea Eurasian have formulated N.S. Trubetskoj, P.N. Savitsky and G.V. Vernadsky. Academician A.D. Sakharov at life has prepared the detailed project of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics of Europe and Asia – the Euro–Asian Union.

Noursultan Nazarbaev [3] suggests include in the Eurasian Union five republics – Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kirghizia and Tajikistan. Armenia, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Pridnestovie and the Nagorno–Karabakh republic can join such Union. Within the framework of the project already there is Zone of free trade, Customs Union, Uniform economic space and the Eurasian economic union. Thus Russia insists on introduction of uniform currency is the Eurasian ruble.

The basic Putin’s idea of integration is under construction on creation of the uniform country from Atlantic up to Pacific ocean through which can pass communications between three world poles of economic and technological development in the Western Europe, East Asia and Northern America where Russia will act as the compiler of cultural and political dialogue between the West and the East. Actually we deal with any updating of paradigm of Russian Empire about creation of the trading bridge between the West and the East. For realization of the Eurasian project the public consent, strategic vision and political will of ruling elite and also complete support of broad masses is necessary.

At first sight, the basic ideas of integration look excellently. However this opinion superficial as it does not take into account internal unsoluble problems of the project – genetic aspects, cultural and religious factors, historical lessons and economic realities. The Eurasian integration is under construction the Kremlin on the sandy base kvass patriotism, paradigm Eurasian is priori false and bears evil of world civilization. Therefore Vladimir Putin's fine dreams will forever stay only non–realized project which will exsanguinate economy of Russia and will lead to interethnic collisions, genocide of Russian people and finally – to disorder of the Russian Federation.

All political and moral responsibility is for erroneous decisions and violent change of vector of development of Russia entirely and completely come on Vladimir Putin and party Uniform Russia. They authoritatively conduct the country and Russian people in Civilization impasse from which there will be no output, except for bloody revolt.

Let's consider the basic arguments proving an impracticability and criminality, in relation to Russian people, the Eurasian integration on Vladimir Putin and his advisers.

Eurasianism is the philosophy–political movement supporting refusal of the European integration of Russia for the benefit of association with it is central the Asian countries. Sources Eurasian goes back to Slavophil tradition of XIX century. Representatives of this current were Alexey Homjakov, brothers Aksakov’s, Konstantin Leontjev, Nikolay Strahov and Nikolay Danilevsky. Except for them, Slavophil’s and Eurasians actively used ideas and L.N. Gumilyov's clauses for the argument of the theories.

Eurasianism project

The basic thesis of Slavophil’s was under construction on generality of Slavic peoples of the East Europe, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. Slavophil’s acted with substantiation of special, distinct from West–European, Russian way, developing on which, in their opinion, Russia is capable to inform orthodox true up to running in heresy and atheism of European peoples. Slavophil’s proved existence of special type of the culture which has arisen on spiritual field of Russian Orthodoxy. To one of theses of Slavophil’s began paradigm of Holy Russia, as bases of formation of Russian national consciousness and national – patriotic outlook.

On the contrary, Eurasianisms denied existence of Slavic cultural – historical type. They believed, that culture of the Turkic peoples connected to Russian people by the general historical destiny, than cultures of the western Slavs – Czechs, Slovaks and Poles are closer to Russian culture. Eurasians even suggested including in structure of the USSR and the Eurasian Union Mongolia and some Muslim countries – Turkey and Iran.

Unsubstantiated arguments of theorists Eurasian became non–material concepts – special way of perception of the surrounding validity, – sensation of the sea and sensation of continent, naming one West–European, another – Mongolian: « on space of world history to the West–European sensation of the sea as equal in rights though also polar, resists the Mongolian sensation of continent » [4]. Nikolay Berdjaev is unique marked, that « Eurasian there is, first of all, direction emotional, instead of intellectual, and emotional it is reaction of creative national and religious instincts to the occurred accident [Bolsheviks revolution] ».

L.N. Gumilyov [5] has revealed super ethnic integrity – Russia, and has shown that the Russian way of life includes the whole complex perception and images: from "river" and "wood" up to "steppe", and only the similar complex allows to master territory of Russia most full. Organically uniting both European, and Asian, Russia ostensibly integrates these two civilizations in own way and consequently itself acts as an independent civilization.

In result of “deep reconsideration” works of early theorists, Eurasianists – Slavophil’s have guessed that there is loan of another's western culture it is impossible and even can lead to dangerous consequences – to loss of ability of reproduction of own culture.

The idea of “independence” of Russian civilization was specified repeatedly by Alexander Dugin [6, 7] which acts as the note opponent of liberalism, values of Western Civilization and the USA. It treats defeat of the USSR in Cold war as victory of « civilizations of the sea » above « civilization of land ». As result of Dugin's efforts and his colleagues, and also their political patrons, we have received sharp roll in internal and foreign policy of Russia aside anti liberalism, anti-democratic, anti-Americanism and other "anti". All these "anti" conduct Russia to isolation from the world community. Already anybody seriously does not discuss an inaccuracy of the thesis, that in all internal troubles of Russia the USA, NATO, Western Europe and Masonic underground, instead of own ignorance and obscurantism are guilty only.

Putin’s Professor A.G. Dugin, according to his some critics, has turned to one of ideologists of modern Slavic and Russian fascism. The fantastic theory of an origin of Slavs as ostensibly Russian Aryan, from territory legendary Hyperborean, recently sunk in waters of Arctic ocean, has found complete support in A.G. Dugin's doctrine. So in the work [8] it asserts:

« … Aryan, in effect, it is defined not so much by biology, how many that metaphysical missions, which reflection in flesh is his biology. The Aryan race of the Subject is race Nord soldiers – priests »

Hyperborean on map of Merkator, 1595

This entire phantasmagoria became the program of formation of modern practical policy of Russia, namely Vladimir Putin, party Uniform Russia and, so–called, Kremlin military and KGB people.

Let's objectively understand, that Slavophil’s and Eurasians did not know, do not know or do not want to understand A.G. Dugin and it colleagues and where will result Vladimir Putin's Eurasian imaginations, Uniform Russia and Russian people. Our information will be impartial to many our brothers and sisters – to Slavs however we should know the truth and respect our uneasy history. In any case, behind simple people, Russian people the choice where us to go – in darkness of obscurantism or on light of civilization and prosperity lays.

It agrees Barrow Maria Gimbutas's theories [9–12] and to researches of the author of clause [13, 14] the modern mankind has arisen in area of the Volga region and Ural more 5500 years ago. Before in various areas of the world of ten’s thousand years there were tribes hominids, not possessed soul and reason. They were the animals, not capable to base civilization. To equate wild hominids to the person reasonable there is crime against the God, sciences and logic. In these sins have succeeded newly appeared DNA–Genealogy Dr. A.A. Klesov [15–17] and it colleagues. Using erroneous formulas, to mountain genealogists try to prove, that Slavs lived in territory of the European part of Russia of 30–40 thousand more years back, and Hyperborean has been populated with Slavic civilization of 100 thousand more years back. Of these doubtful calculations philosophers and politicians Mr. Dugin with colleagues also have taken advantage, having convinced in correctness of these ideas management of Russia. However results of excavation of artefacts, language theory PIE, genetic researches and chronology of distribution of wheel vehicles on the world from the Volga region and Ural, completely deny imaginations of Slavophil’s and Eurasians.

Barrow (Kurgan) Maria Gimbutas's hypothesis. Distribution of peoples on the world. From 3500 BC

Distribution of vehicles and wheels on the world, since 2000 BC

Expansion of peoples from the Volga region and Slavs from Mongolia, Madison Grant, 1916

From the moment of occurrence of the person reasonable or as the author [13] speaks the person reasonable spiritual, it began the expansion from globe from the Volga region on the north, the West, the south and the east. Initially in territory of the European Russia numerous tribes Finn–Ugric, Haplogroup N – northerners lived. Names of ancient tribes were kept are Chud, Vesi, Balts, Finns, Karelian, Vyatich, Muroma, Meschera, Merya, Pomory, Samoed, Ilmen, Sloven, Mari, Erzya, Moksha and others. Steppes between Dnepr and Volga originally have not been populated with people owing to absence of conditions for survival of the person. Any Slavs, Haplogroup R1a1 in the European part of Eurasia it was not observed down to IX–X centuries.

Besides Slavic Haplogroup R1a1 has arisen much after northern Haplogroup N. It is visible on the general length Alleles (genes, Nucleotides), forming DNA–Chains. For example, in 67–Markers average Slavic Haplotype the general length Alleles makes about 1010 units, and in Finn–Ugric Haplotype – only 970 units. 40 additional chains at Slavs have appeared later as result of the mutations caused by change of an environment and geographical places of residing of ancestors of Slavs. On the contrary, Finn–Ugric peoples did not move anywhere, and live constantly on places of the origin.

So, the hypothesis about Hyperborean and an origin of Slavs from Hyperborean does not cost eaten eggs and is deliberate lie. Only Finn–Ugric could take place from Hyperborean, but till now it is not found attributes of existence of continent on North Pole, and furthermore the reasonable civilization existing for one hundred thousand of years up to now. Most likely, places of residing Pomory, Finns, Karelian, Samoedy, Moksha, Erzya and Komi are original territory of legendary Hyperborean. Therefore to build Slavic theories of history of other ethnos it is impossible, especially to appropriate history, religion, language, mythology and achievements of other people – Finn–Ugric.

Peoples of the European part of Russia in an antiquity

To the author on an extensive historical, documentary and genetic material [18, 19] it has been proved, that Slavs occur from area the Inner Mongolia – on joint of modern Mongolia, Russian Scarlet and Northern China in first millennium B.C. Independent researchers Genographic confirm these conclusions. For the first time the Slavic state is described by Chinese and Bulgarian in IV century under name Juan Juan Khaganate. The self–name Khaganate is Juan Juan (Rouran) or in Russian is Ivan – Ivan Khaganate. In 550th Juan Juan Khaganate has been destroyed by Turkic Khaganate. Defeat has caused wave of migration of Slavs on the West along breadths of Eurasia. For the first time Slavs have appeared on the Balkans within the limits of the Byzantium Empire in 551. Immigrants to Europe has resulted Khagan Ardagast which, probably, was Ugrian Prince and Varangian. The Slavs who have appeared in captivity in part have been destroyed. So, Turks have put 3000 Slavic men connected at gate of the city of Xi'an and have chopped off him heads from which the hill has been erected. The staying Slavs – women, teenagers and children have been mixed with Turkish in proportion 50 for 50 percent. Again created people were violently made Turk and language and religion of Slavs have been forbidden and forgotten. The results resulted by us completely prove to be true Bulgarian [20], Byzantium [21] and the Arabian chronicles [22].

Let's note, that the Mongolian migrants of VI century becoming forefathers of the western Slavs, were not representatives of one origin – tribe. They were the strongest and brave soldiers, who has dared to leave Mongolia and has gone to multi monthly travel through territory of the hostile countries and peoples. It is dear has borrowed 18 months. To Europe isolated groups of Slavs have got under the direction of one commander – Khagan Ardagast. The part of Slavs of the profit with families, but the most part of soldiers were lonely. They had to capture the European women, and even simply to force all women successively who came across them on way. Because of this habit of Mongols, sellers of the alive goods usually castrated Slavs when sold them in slavery or on serve West European or to Arabs. Arabs named castrated Slavs is Haddam which were one of the popular goods of the Middle Ages. Arabs called Slavs is Jian’s that is conformable to the self–name Juan.

Juan-Juan (Ivan-Ivan) Khaganate, 500 AD

The first Slavic state in Europe is Great Moravia (822–907). Since VII century the western Slavs began to accept Christianity. In second half IX centuries Equal Apostles Holy Cyril and Methodius, ethnic Ugrian of Russ, had been wrote the Scriptures and the divine service literature on Church Slavonic (is Russian) language. As result of military attack and victory of Ugrian of Russ under management Almysh above Slavs in 890–907, the last have been compelled to migrate on the north – on territory of modern Poland, the western Ukraine and with Varagians and Vikings to Scandinavia. In result the western Slavs to the beginning of XI century began to live in the Kiev Russia (the Western Ukraine, Lithuania and Belarus) and Northern Russia – in vicinities of Novgorod. Thus the basis of Russian statehood, culture and religion was made with Finn–Ugric peoples.

Great Moravia, IX century

The Mongolian migrants for some centuries (VI–X) residing at Europe and sexual contacts to the European women get white also have got the European features (phenotype). They have acquired the European culture and religion. Thus it is necessary to understand, that the percentage parity of Slavs to the local European population never exceeded 30 %. Only in Poland Slavs lives now about 51 % of the population. And in the so–called western Slavic countries – Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia, Czech, Slovakia and neighboring countries, quantity Slavs do not exceed 20–30 % of population. In Scandinavia (25 %), and Austria (19 %) Slavs also it is not lot of Germany (16 %), though they live there more than 1000 and differ the big fruitfulness.

East Slavs (Kirghiz, Tadjik, Pashun, Uzbek, Hindus)

In this it is high time, while the Western Slavs joined values of Western Civilization, their east colleagues – Mongols, participated in numerous wars and campaigns Turkic Khaganate. In result east Slavs became the basic population of numerous "Turkic" peoples – Juans, Uighurs, Mongols, Kirghiz, Tajiks, Afghans and Pakistani. In smaller measure they were dissolved in other "Turkic" peoples – Turkmens, Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Iranian and Azerbaijanis. Today east Slavs make an essential share of population of “Turkic peoples” – Kirghiz (64 %), Tajiks (63 %), Afghans (51 %), Pakistani (48 %), Uzbeks (35 %), Turkmens (36 %), Kazakhs (25 %), Iranian (25 %) and at all Turkish, but is Hindus (35 %). And all east Slavs adhere to the Islam, as "traditional" religion.

The second wave of Slavinization of Russia has been caused by aggressive campaigns Genghis Khan and his relatives. We know, that itself Genghis Khan and in general Genghis’s were ethnic Ugrian [13], relatives of Rurikovich. Genghis Khan has collected the huge armies consisting of east Slavs and Turkish. In the works we name this epoch the Slavic–Mongolian invasion [18–19]. During the first campaigns of Mongols Russian Finn–Ugrian were exposed to total sexual violence over army of aggressors. Then about 300 year boundary (southern and east) regions of Russia lived at presence of constant violence over the Slavic–Mongolian invaders. The ethnic structure of the Mongolian armies was those – 90 % ethnic east Slavs and made 10 % of Turkish. East Slavs Genghis Khan it is Juans, Uighurs, Kirghiz, Tajiks, Pashtuns, Turkmens, Kazakhs and so forth.

Modern Slavic historians of Russia with pleasure of ignoramuses notice, that there was, say, no Tatar–Mongolian yoke as there are no genetic consequences of war. Just genetic fruits of invasion are obvious – 44 % is of the population of modern Russia are Slavs. As result of sexual expansion of east Slavs in Russia numerous illegitimate children have appeared. Children of sin accumulated on southern boundaries of Russia where now make more half of population. Finn–Ugric women brought up children in the traditions; therefore Slavs « such » about the low origin do not remember anything. These children did not have fathers as they have remained to live in territory of the Mongolian Empire in the native places of Central Asia. In result in Russia whole people from the illegitimate children becoming basis of serf estate of peasants was generated. Russian Slavs did not remember origin – tribe, were immemorial roll – field without the past, the present and the future. Besides descendants of people, conception in violence, mountain and sufferings of mothers, bear negative karma through all generations.

Expansion of Horde Empire of Russ in XIII century

Slavic-Mongols attack Russian city

Let's result cynical, but Paul Goebbels's fair idea on Slavs of Russia [23]:

« Slavs, being ethnic mongrels [illegitimate], are not capable to apprehend and bear great heritage of Aryan race, and in general Slavs do not suit to be carriers of culture. They not creative people, is gregarious animals, instead of the persons who at all have been not adapted to cerebration ».

Recently Patriarch Cyril has given interview to TV channel Russia in which has expressed the opinion on ancient Slavs, echoing Nazi criminal Goebbels:

« And who Slavs such were? They are barbarians, people speaking in not clear language, it is people of the second grade, it almost animals ».

Genetically illegitimate children of east Slavs in Russia of the period of Slavic–Mongolian invasion XIII–XV of centuries essentially differ from the colleagues – the western Slavs who have left the Inner Mongolia for 700 years earlier in VI century. However all Slavs concern to Haplogroup R1a1, forming some various subgroups. Close relatives are at Slavs from Europe up to Central Asia, India, Mongolia and China.

Consequences Slavinization of Russia in XIII–XV centuries was depressing. Once blossoming and developing state of Finn-Ugric has got during the long period of stagnation and stagnation. Russian people and statehood spiritually, economically also have technologically lagged behind the Western Europe on hundreds years. We shall result B.A. Rybakov's citation [24]:

« Russia has been rejected back for some centuries, and those centuries when the shop industry of the West passed to an era of primitive accumulation of capital, Russian craft industry should pass again part of that historical way which has been done up to Batu [Khagan]».

For example, inhabitants of Northern Russia – Great Novgorod were universal competent. Trade of Russian merchants went from the East and up to British isles. Russian supplied Europe with the refined east goods. On inconvenient northern grounds Finn–Ugrian raised numerous food stuffs. Couple of years back at excavation of Novgorod the ears of corn dated by XII century have been found out even. Prevalence birch bark letters does not require comments. On the contrary, inhabitants of southern and east regions of Russia showed miracles ignorant and obscurantism. Russian east Slavs used in speech no more than 200–300 words, as savages in Africa. This position was kept down to cancellation of the serfdom at the end of XIX century.

Let's notice, that east Slavs is Juans, Uighurs, Kirghiz, Tajiks, Pashtun, Uzbeks, Turkmens, and Kazakhs – do not count themselves like Slavs. As think and more than 500 million Slavs Hindus, Haplogroup R1a1. In the works [18, 19] we have shown by the example of base Haplotype of Hindu Mr. Valery Lahiri that it fully complies with genes of Russian, the Latvian, the Jew, the Arab, an Englishman and the Yugoslav. It means that at all these seven people the uniform forefather living about 800 years ago. At comparison base Haplotype of Lahiri with Haplotype with one and two mutations, numerous relatives of the specified people living mostly in India, China, Central Asia and Europe have come to light.

It is interesting to compare religious accessory of western and east Slavs. Orthodox theoretically are about 100 million Slavs (though today the most part from them atheists or pagans), Catholics and Protestants theoretically about 57 million among the Western Slavs, and here we have counted Moslems more than 300 million East Slavs.

Let's return to idea of Eurasians about geographical place of an origin of Slavs. Mr. Dugin convinces everything, that Slavs it come with Hyperborean that contradicts Genographic and histories. However, if all scientific worlds will agree and will decide that Hyperborean it is region of the Inner Mongolia of China then we recognize that visionary Mr. Dugin has made the greatest opening in historical science and Genographic.

Recently the author of these lines has found out, that Slavs possess one general and unique genetic feature. She consists that Slavs suffer congenital kleptomania, i.e. propensity to corruption and larceny. We have described this phenomenon in article [25] after studying map of distribution of corruption on regions of the world. Appeared, that areas with maximum level corruption it is exactly come on areas of residing of east Slavs, the more percent of Slavs, the above level of corruption. Other maximum of corruption is marked in Africa, but we shall not compare Slavs and Negros as it is not ethic. The zero level of corruption is found out in Finland where the population entirely will consist from Finn–Ugrian. Scandinavia, Northern America and the Western Europe further follow.

At all problems of Slavic genetics we with pride shall note, that our Slavic brothers and sisters possess outstanding bravery, courage and courage, cannot reflecting to give the life for common cause. Thus they are sincerely vulnerable, sensitive and very vindictive, though are easily appeased for insults.

Map of distribution of corruption in Eurasia. Yellow color is absence of corruption, red and claret colors is the maximal corruption.

Map of distribution of Slavs–Mongols in a percentage parity to the population (Haplogroup R1a1)

In view of the genetic aspects described by us we shall estimate doctrines of Slavophil’s and Eurasians. Slavophil’s and Eurasians did not know that Slavs are Mongols and the nomads who have been not adapted to settled way of life. They have got used to use district around of parking until remain natural resources, and then to move to fresh place. In the modern global world of "fresh" places did not remain. Habits of nomads are shown even in trifles – in desire defecate in lifts and entrances, at genetic level believing, that this time haven. This phenomenon is especially appreciable on Slavs – Hindus. In India in general there are no garbage tanks in streets and public toilets. East Slavs in India throw dust under legs, are wetted and defecate directly in streets, having turned back to passers–by. It is thought what to bridle the elements of Slavs it is possible only the most severe discipline and high penalties for infringement of public order.

Besides Slavophil’s and Eurasians fondly believed, that Slavs are the uniform people having the general history, culture and an origin. However Slavs sharply differ from each other. The Western Slavs have liked the European culture for 700 years before East colleagues. Europeans have imparted to people discipline and the order. For East Slavs are necessary not less than 200–300 years of civilization that they have refused the addictions and kleptomania. Only in one Eurasians were more to the right of Slavophil’s. To Russian east Slavs Kirghiz, Tajiks, Uighurs, Pashtuns and other are much closer, than the Western Slavs that is not surprising – in fact it is descendants of their forefathers. The desire of Eurasians to be united with the relatives is comprehensible without comments. "Emotional" arguments of Eurasians about relationship of souls of Slavs with Kirghiz and Tajiks are clear also. Though tool methods of DNA–Genealogy in those days did not exist, but Russian and Central Asian Slavs, and also Hindus, felt the relationship at an emotional level. In fact "Turkish" appeared on the whole Slavs as speed of duplication of the last is much higher, than local peoples.

Map of distribution and origin of Slavs–Mongols (Haplogroup R1a1)

With pleasure we recognize fidelity of the slogan of Holy Russia at Slavophil’s, however the thesis should concern not to the Slavic population of Russia, and to Finn–Ugrian is to founders of Russia and Russian Empire. We believe that this ethnic manipulation hardly will keep within in heads of Slavophil’s and Eurasians, especially at the simple Slavic population of Russia. It is necessary to work and explain much to people specificity of formation of Russian people. Holy Russia – becomes the Holy reality, capable to pull out the Third Rome Russia and distressful Russian people from the Mongolian hole, carefully prepared to us uneducated and obscurantist patriots of Russia, ethnic East Slavs.

Accordingly emotional arguments Mr. Berdyaev and Turan imagination of Mr. Gumilyov do not maintain any scientific criticism. They did not know genetics and Genographic. Absence of the scientific facts has led them to necessity to invent the "left" theses about Passionaries, struggle of steppe and wood, especially, to opposition of the Mongolian steppe open spaces and limitation of the western sea attitude. The sea and steppe, the rivers and woods are arguments of admirers Shamanism, instead of sciences and logic. In XXI century rely on fidelity of the doctrine of Shamanism former communists, pagans and inveterate security officers can only.

Bolsheviks arguments of Mr. Gumilyov and others apologist Eurasian about Passionaries peoples, them Civilization activity in the state construction and capture of other territories are insignificant. Any peoples then did not exist, and there were the tribes generated around of teams of Princes and Khans from which the most talented and gifted with the God became Khagan – Tsars of Tsars. Elite of numerous tribes of Eurasia were Finn–Ugrian, Haplogroup N1 (Northerners) of the Origin of Russ or Urus as Bulgarian like. Urus or Russ means literally "Great". Their decisions and will actuated tribes and the armies, working on the whole continents.

Do not maintain criticism theses, that « the western values » have spoiled the Western Slavs, have undermined an opportunity to reproduce their own culture and customs. Yes, with Shamanism and obscurantism in the environment of the Western Slavs have finished for long time. But why Czech’s, Slovaks, Poles, Scandinavian Slavs live as at the Christ in the bosom, and east Slavs degrade not on days, and on hours? Why the culture in Russia collapses and people have lost ability to its development? Why Russia for long time has lost the first place among the reading nations?

Mrs. Putin, Dugin, Leontiev and the company will explain to us smoothly, that in all worlds plot against Russia and Russian people is guilty. But we shall look to the truth in eyes, without Bolsheviks and KGB cliché, and also paradigms of the uniform textbook of history for the Russian schoolboys on Mr. Putin.

Ancient Russia, Kiev Russia, Great Novgorod, the Vladimir–Suzdal Russia, Lithuanian Russia and the Moscow Russia are there were mono ethnic Finn–Ugric states. Gradually these formations replenished with injections of the Western Slavs, and since times of the Slavic–Mongolian yoke – children of violence of East Slavs above Finn–Ugric women. Thus political, military, business, religious and cultural elite of Russian states always were ethnic Finn–Ugrian, but great bulk of the country population became Slavs.

Volga Bulgaria (950)

Blossoming of the Finn–Ugric states of Russia falls at X–XIII centuries. Time of stagnation and backlog from Europe is on XIII–XVII centuries. Secondary blossoming of economy and culture was observed in XVIII–XIX centuries. Thus Pole–Russ–Lithuanian–Prussian the state Polish – Lithuanian Commonwealth has avoided rotting as it was fenced off from the Moscow Russia by armies and impenetrable border. Secondary blossoming of Finn–Ugric culture is objectively connected to blossoming West Slavic culture in Russia. These phenomena have been caused by activity of German governors of Russian Empire is Goldstein–Gottorp which have dexterously grasped reins of government in Empire because of loss of man's successor Romanov’s after death Peter Great in 1725.

Disintegration and section of Polish – Lithuanian Commonwealth in XVII–XVIII centuries between Austria, Sweden and Russia has led to involving in cultural space of Russian Empire of hundred thousand educated and civilized Western Slavs, living in territory modern Poland, Baltic, Belarus, Western Ukraine and Moldova (Bessarabia). The Western Slavs, inherently Mongols, but past hearth of Western Civilization within 1200, have promptly rushed into free niche of culture of Russian Empire. This niche was formed because of genocide of Finn–Ugrian and Rurikovich, the carried out by Ivan Terrible at complete support of new nobility – Oprichnina, consisting of descendants of illegitimate East Slavs.

The majority of outstanding officials, writers, scientists and seminary students of that time had Finn–Ugric roots. For example, from submission German colleague – scientific, academician Mikhail Lomonosov counted itself the Slav though was by origin Pomor, that is Finn–Ugric. The second vivid example is Alexander Pushkin. Rights on the great poet declared many peoples – Africans and Slavs. However Pushkin was on the grandmother (female line) Ethiopic and on man's direct line is Finn–Ugrian and Rurikovich. Pushkin’s have lost princely regalia for some hundred years till birth of the poet.

Practically all outstanding representatives of culture and elite of Russian Empire in XVIII–XIX centuries, including the beginning of XX century, were ethnic Finn–Ugric and in part the Western Slavs. The list of Russian geniuses is great is Lomonosov, Karamzin, Derzhavin, Pushkin, Lermontov, Saltykov–Schedrin, Chaadaev, Kubarev, Pogodin, Glinka, Mendeleyev, Kluchevsky, Musorgsky, Chaikovsky, Tolstoy, Mozhaisky, Tsiolkovsky, Sikorsky and so forth. At the same time millions Russian serfs – descendants of East Slavs, dragged pity, beggarly existence, have been torn off public and cultural life. East Slavs lived in Russian Europe only about 600 years after the beginning of the Slavic–Mongolian invasion that was to escape obviously insufficiently from condition of primitive wildness and to join achievements of world civilization.

Polish – Lithuanian Commonwealth (1619)

Revolution of 1917 and Stalin cleanings have led to total destruction of Russian Finn–Ugric culture, and also to physical destruction of its carriers [26]. Only the small part of outstanding and talented people, carriers of genic memory and greatness of Russ and Russia, could be rescued abroad, and units to survive in Russia. At the end of 20th years Stalin–Jews People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs has lead scale spot–check to the Volga region within the framework of which representatives of elite of Bulgarian people – aristocrats, noblemen, scientific have violently been collected, writers, poets, artists, mullahs and priests – and are sent on military echelons on the north of Kazakhstan where were killing in steppes. Where is lost ten thousand carriers of ancient Finn–Ugric and Turkic culture. The genocide of Finn–Ugric and west Slavic peoples, on the part of Jews–Bolsheviks and East Slavs who have supported them, has led to death millions educated and cultural people of Russia.

Let's notice, that genetically the population Russian Jews more than half will consist of Slavs. Only the small part Jews has got to Russian Empire from the West Slavic grounds. Now the percent of genetic Slavs, Haplogroup R1a1 among Jews all over the world makes 35–40 %% from total.

On the termination of unprecedented genocide in world history of the most ancient people of terrestrial civilization – Finn–Ugric Russ, communists have replaced Russian elite newly appeared Soviet pseudo with the elite consisting of Jews and East Slavs. The place official and creative elite in the weight were borrowed with the Jews supporting "revolutionary" build also communistic ideology. More than 80 % of high–ranking officials in the first years of the Soviet authority were Jews [27]. After revolution in the USSR the majority of writers, poets, artists, actors, figures of mass–media, scientific, teachers and ETW up to Brezhnev’s times were Jews. In second half XX centuries the part of creative intelligence became Slavic, and among ETW and scientific ethnic Slavs there was majority.

Let's specially note, that outstanding achievements of the USSR were not own development of the Soviet scientists and engineers. Communistic propagation gave out desirable for valid so, that many even modern people trust in the Soviet myths. We shall result the most eloquent examples of deceit of public opinion. Stalin industrialization was carried out by purchase of factories and technologies in the USA and Europe, hiring of conducting engineers and experts of the West, and also due to free–of–charge work of condemned people. All process equipment was got abroad – machine tools, engines, turbines, equipment. Then samples of technics and technology understood up to screw and the Soviet analogues were created. So diesel and petrol engines are for aircraft and armored technics, tractors and automobiles have been made. The best planes of the USSR were copies of the western samples. The Jewish agents of KGB had been stole numerous secrets of the advanced branches – nuclear bomb and uranium technologies. Technologies and development of rocket technics in Germany on the basis of which the Soviet rocket industry is created, and also samples of jet engines have been stolen or seized. On the basis of the stolen ideas and technologies Soviet Union managed to develop own defensive industry. Achievements of her are world renowned. East Slavs are excellent simulators, therefore own industry has not died, and has existed prior to the beginning of 90th of XX century. However time of economic espionage has passed. Modern Russia has practically lost all defensive, technical and technological potential. New genius like Tupolev, Landau, Korolyov, Keldysh, Kurchatov and Sakharov the Russian validity has not created. Let's notice, that on statistics the most part of outstanding scientists and engineers of the USSR had nobility origin – they were descendants of Finn–Ugric and West Slavic elite of Russian Empire, therefore at Stalin sat in prisons and camps where worked on specialty.

Let's address to religious factors which value by atheists and Eurasians are simply ignored.

The ancient Russian states, and also their predecessors in our era, were originally "pagan" as convince us Romanov’s and communistic historians. Actually the elite and tribes Volga region Finn–Ugric trusted in uniform God Tengri, and as in set Alp – spirits or embodiments of the God on the Earth. Such belief has received the scientific name Tengrism. Rurikovich and Varangians believe in uniform God Svarog (Russian name of Tengri) and set of his embodiments in people on the Earth, the name of the doctrine – Vedic. As the intermediary is between the uniform God and human deities acted Perun or God – Father. Terrestrial deities – Tarh (Dajdbog), Tara, Veles, Makosh, Karga, Beregini, etc. were actually representatives of origin of Russ (Great) – the Tsar of Tsars going from the first pair of people on Earth is Tarh (Adam) and Tara (Eva). At the same time, it agrees to the data Bulgarian and the Byzantium chronicles, Slavs of Juan Juan Khaganate adhered Shamanism and Tengrism.

In IX century elite Finn–Ugric and the Western Slavs it is universal have accepted Christianity. The west Slavic state Great Moravia became the Christian state. Ugric Russ Equal Apostles Holy Cyril and Methodius have created Church Slavonic (Russian) writing and the divine service literature. Elite of Slavs and Ugrian long time combined Christianity with Tengrism. So, became Christians in 867 Princes Askold and Dir with boyars. Cyril and Methodius christened Prince Rurik in Itil in 860. However Bulgarian peoples of the Balkans, Black Sea Coast, Northern Caucasus, Volga region and Central Asia have accepted the Islam. In those days the Islam and Christianity were close religions. Elite of Khazar Khaganate and part of Caucasian peoples became Jews.

In X–XII century pressure of the Islam going from the Arabian south, on Bulgarian Volga region has considerably amplified. However the Koran as the Muslim Holy book, for the first time has appeared at the end of XII century. The elite of Genghis Khan were Christians, therefore in XIII century Golden Horde was in part the Christian state. Genghis Khan supposed equality of religions. Long centuries the Islam of the Volga Bulgaria and Orthodoxy in Russia lived, supplementing each other. However in the beginning of XIV century (1312) the elite and people of Golden Horde have again accepted the Islam on the Arabian canons. It means that the ancient Islam of the Volga region admitting Tengrism, considerably differed from an initial Islam.

For these reasons, east Slavs of Asia combined in the beliefs Shamanism, Tengrism, Volga region Islam and the Arabian Islam. Illegally given birth children of East Slavs in Russia in days of the Slavic–Mongolian invasion genetically have been predisposed to all these religions together. This phenomenon is observed till now in Russian Slavs who perfectly combine Paganism, Shamanism and superstitions with Orthodoxy. Now all relatives of Russian East Slavs profess the Islam are Uighurs, Kirghiz, Tajiks, Turkmens, Uzbeks, Afghans and so forth.

It would be desirable to destroy the settled stereotype about peaceful co–existence of Orthodoxy and the Islam in Russia. From the second acceptance of the Islam by Golden Horde in 1312, position of Christians of vassal Orthodox Russia has considerably worsened. However in second half XVI centuries, after victories of Russian army and gain of Muslim enclaves – Kazan Khanate, Astrakhan Khanate, Siberia and other territories, position of Moslems became intolerable. Russian authorities carried out compulsory Christianized of defeated people. Moslems were restrained in the economic and civil rights down to the end of XVIII century.

In 1773 Empress Ekaterina II has accepted the Decree About tolerance of all creeds, but only in 1788 the first official organization of Moslems – Orenburg mohammedan spiritual assembly has been created. Therefore the Islam was not pursued in Russia only about 140 years down to revolution of 1917. The communistic mode not for long made advances to Moslems that in 1930 to close 90 % of mosques when up to 97 % mullahs have lost an opportunity to carry out the duties.

The next blossoming of the Islam in the Russian Federation has coincided from time to time reorganization and victory of "democracy" over the beginning of 1990th. In result within 20 years we notice blossoming Islamic fundamentalism in Russia, numerous wars in the Chechen Republic and Dagestan. All Caucasus is covered with Islamic excitements to some extent. The fundamental Islam was generated with Muslim extremism and infinite terrorism. Social and economic problems and approach the state of Russian Orthodox Church have aggravated between faiths contradictions, keeping power methods since times of Russian Empire and communistic mode. Gin of fundamentalism has been let out from bottle by President B. Yeltsin. We shall note that among Moslems there is significant number of ethnic East Slavs which externally differ from Russian Slavs. Last years in the terrorist organizations of Moslems began to get the increasing quantity of the Russian Slavs having the European phenotype. Moslems make the second faith on number in Russia – them more than 20 million person or 15 % of the population. The quantity of Moslems in Russia, and also migrants from Azerbaijan and Central Asia, promptly grows, exceeding 20 % of all population.

According to the Constitution of the Russian Federation citizens use freedom of worship and choose religion which is pleasant to them. The state convinces us, that Orthodoxy, the Islam and Judaism is peace religions. The validity denies these imaginations of atheists and liberals. The greatest threat to the world and the life is born with fundamental Islam.

It is counted up that the Koran [28] contains more than fifty appeals to war against incorrect (Jihad), in particular, such as:

« … Beat many gods people where them will find, grasp them, besiege, arrange an ambush against them in any latent place … » (Sura 9, 5);

« Also kill them where will meet, and expel them therefrom, whence they have expelled you: in fact the temptation – is worse, than killing! » (Sura 2, 191);

« Also battle to them, yet there will be no more temptation, and all religion will belong to Allah » (Sura 2, 193).

In the USA the new edition of work of the doctor of theology of Peter Hammond [29] is published. In the book the author results sociological, history philosophy and religion studies the analysis of postulates of the Islam and his value in world history. Hammond considers, that an Islam it not religion and at all cult. It is the universal, total, in details developed system of life including religion, the right, political and social systems, military aspects.

« The history shows, – considers Hammond, – that Islamization the countries begins when there is significant number of Moslems, and they begin to assert the religious rights and to demand privileges. And when politic–correct, tolerant and cultural isolated society is on the bit of Moslems in their requirements then some other tendencies … » start to appear already.

So, at achievement of 20 % of Muslim population, according to researches Hammond, the Russian citizens should be ready to the beginning of Islamic spot–checks in streets, to patrols Jihadists, to firing of Churches and Synagogues. We see that these times have already come in Tatarstan, Chechen Republic and Dagestan.

Vladimir Putin's Eurasian policy every year aggravates this unhealthy tendency. Absence of visas with Central Asia leads to illegal migration to Russia of millions Moslems, ethnic East Slavs. They carry with themselves the Islam, extremism, terrorism, drugs and criminal. Now in Russia about half of all crimes migrants make. Practically all acts of terrorism fall to "peace" Moslems.

Let's consider historical lessons which and Russian people have received the Russian state for 1200 years of the existence.

The most significant contribution to development of Russian statehood and civilizations became Christening of Russ. The Christianity granted an opportunity to Russian people to be in the most successful trend of development of mankind. Interaction of princes of Russia with New Rome, participation in management of Empire, has allowed involving the significant monetary resources received for military operations for the blessing of New Rome to Russ. One of the first serious investments of gold has taken place at Grand Prince Svyatoslav when it has received from Tsar Grad some tons of gold for destruction Khazar Khaganate and wars with Danube Bulgarian.

In counterbalance Christianized Kiev and Novgorod Russ, governors of the Volga Bulgaria and the senior branch of Russ, have selected the Islam, as direction of the development. Some centuries the Volga Bulgaria surpassed Ancient Russia in the military and technological plan, collecting an annual tribute from Russian Princes. At the same time Christian Russia actively traded and sometimes was at war with New Rome for the economic and political rights. Islamization of the Volga region finally has led to easing Bulgarian the states and to defeat from armies of Genghis Khan.

Blossoming of Russian Christian state has ended with an attack of Slavic–Mongols, the main prospective allies of Eurasians and Putin in their civil–engineering designs of the Eurasian Union. Wild nomads have quickly destroyed fruits of achievements of Russian people, having generated unprecedented economic recession and cultural degradation of the country. With occupation illegitimate children of Slavic violence began to appear. These people were derelicts in Russian society and were superseded on southern and east boundaries of Russia.

To protect the grounds and peoples from Golden Horde and Mongols, the Western Russian Princedoms have found way out in integration with Europe, having created the Lithuanian Russ, and then the state Rech Pospolitaya (Polish – Lithuanian Commonwealth). Such policy has crowned success.

In the East China in general has built the whole network protective the constructions preserving borders from attacks and migration of east Slavs – Mongols. Thousand years Chinese and Slavic–Mongols were enemies. But Vladimir Putin and Eurasians get idea that thousand–year war can end for pair of ten years as soon as they have decided to involve China in an orbit of the interests. But the history proves that is impossible to lean on friendship with the primordial enemies. Sooner or later China will put the impact and will clear territory of the Far East and the south of Siberia of Russian East Slavs.

The Chinese protective constructions from attacks of Slavic-Mongols

So, victories of armies of Ivan Terrible above Muslim Khanate and Christianized the population have led to blossoming of Russian civilization in XVII–XVIII centuries. Romanovs, seizing power in Russia in first half XVII centuries, saw the superiority of the western Russian Princedoms which are included in Polish – Lithuanian Commonwealth, and own backlog from Western Civilization. Connection of part of the lost territories to Moscow Princedom, namely reunion of Ukraine with Russia, has allowed receiving new opportunities in development of Russian identity.

Revolutionary changes in Russia have made Peter's Great reforms which have cut through window to Europe and have established extensive economic, military and political communications with Western Civilization. In short term Russia has re–equipped the army, has constructed the new powerful militaries and merchant marine fleet, again became the participant of development of World Ocean and the free grounds. The European opportunities of Russia have considerably amplified with coming to power under screen of the House of Romanovs of German Dukes Goldstein – Gottorp. At the end of XVIII century Russian Empire by military and diplomatic expansion has got significant ground spaces in Siberia and on the Far East, and also in Northern America.

However the further expansion of Russia to Caucasus (1860th) and to Central Asia (1880th) in XIX century again has led to loss of rate of development and occurrence of serious backlog from the Western Europe. The next direct interaction with east Slavs and their states have rejected back Russian civilization. These problems war with Japan and has aggravated development of Mongolia and northern China. The next penetration on the East again appeared pitiable for all Russian Empire.

By time of Peter reforms the Muslim countries have lost the leading positions in spheres of science, astronomy, engineering, construction and art. The Western Europe and America have offered the world new type of industrialization, technological and technical innovations and have carried out industrial revolution. The Islamic fundamentalism has played negative role in economic development of the Muslim world. If not oil and the gas, granted Allah to Arabs the Near East for long time would turn to the meanest region of planet.

The industrialization which has begun in the USSR became possible only due to purchase and larceny of technologies, the equipment and scientific achievements of the West. On this stock of technologies the communistic mode has reached the end of XX century. The USSR has failed because of self–isolation and new attempts to master Muslim territories of Slavic–Mongols. In 1980 of the USSR has entered armies into Afghanistan and has actually opened southern borders for drugs and it is criminal. Modern Russia again was no better off than before without achievements of science and technology, but with burden on neck as international friendship with East Slavs and peoples of the USSR – Tajiks, Kirghiz, Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Kazakhs, Turkmens, Uzbeks and Afghans.

Let's discuss economic realities of the Eurasian integration on Vladimir Putin and his Slavic collegian.

Except for oil and gas, natural resources and pure water, the Russian Federation and to the Eurasian union there is nothing to offer the world community. The truth is one know–how Putin’s mode is total corruption system when all resources of the state go on enrichment of the bureaucratic device and affiliated with it of structures. Actually we deal with modern transformation of the Slavic–Mongolian principle of management by Golden Horde by delivery of labels on feeding rich Boyar or Princes. Only this doubtful achievement Putin’s Russia has one lack – it will find demand only in Africa.

Russia does not make more modern technologies, technics and materials, does not do outstanding discoveries, does not patent new ideas and inventions, but gradually eats up the worn out potential of the USSR. Russia itself desperately needs the newest development, technologies, materials, element base, devices and the equipment. Russia new factories, factories and modern agro industrial branch are required. The defensive industry is in stagnation and slowly, but truly dies. Space achievements will end in five – ten years. The fundamental science – the Russian Academy of Sciences – is destroyed Putin's by decisions and parties of Uniform Russia in 2013.

The idea of creation of transport corridor the East – the West through the trans-Siberian highway and northern seas – is insolvent and can make laugh investors only. Imaginary benefits from reduction of tariffs and increases of speed of transportation of cargoes are levelled by impossibility to provide safe storage and the control of cargoes over owners of it. There are no levers of the militaries or the police control of transportations. Investors are offered to rely on honesty and decency of the Russian state and his power structures that looks comically in modern conditions.

Vladimir Putin's dream - management of Horde Empire and Golden Horde, 1300

Southern sea routes are reliable and checked up by centuries. The Western Civilization has ramified levers of the control and military support of civil transportations, legal protection of free navigation is provided. Russia, at working mode and the Eurasian integration, never it will be possible to persuade the western consumers to take advantage of similar services.

Besides in Russia there is no transparency of authority, economy, public sector, there is no independent court and not corrupt power structures. Human rights and have by the businessman virtual character and are limited to omnipotence official class. The freedom of speech and press also became parable in tans. The investment climate is limited to level of corruption which continuously grows. Russia in present kind has no chances to become the financial center of the world and the ruble never becomes reserve currency. How many Putin and his command did not repeat, that “we shall create”, “we guarantee”, “we should” and “we shall be” is western people will not entrust him the actives.

Thus, on an extensive actual and historical material we have proved, that the Eurasian integration with the Slavic–Mongolian countries and in general with Asia, will lead to interethnic conflicts, genocide of Russian people, degeneration of the European Russia, cultural and economic degradation, general Islamization and, finally, to disintegration of the Russian Federation. The Eurasian integration guarantees full self–isolation of Russia and Russian people, will reject Russian civilization on 200–300 years ago, for ever having provided backlog of Russia from the world community.

The most active and educated part of Russian society is put before dilemma – to obey violent Slavinization and Islamization to Russia which is carried out by Putin and party Uniform Russia, or to leave on residence for the European countries. Carrying out of referendum at the choice of the Asian or European way for Russia is doomed for defeat of the European way as east Slavs and Moslems in Russia lives more, than people which have estimated the blessings of Western Civilization. In any case Finn–Ugrian and the western Slavs in Russia no more than 25 % of the population that is obviously not enough for the account of their opinion.

So, what for the Eurasianism integration on Putin is necessary? The answer is simple – she for long time will keep authority to an existing Kremlin clan, will transfer their children and descendants. The Kremlin mode can keep the Supreme authority of 200–300 more years while there are destructive integration processes with the most backward and obscurantist part of Asia. Enrichment of the Kremlin top will be accompanied by an impoverishment of broad masses. Money from sale of public natural resources will go on maintenance of the status quo of Putin’s elites, social gifts to the population and financing of bureaucratic, corruption estate. In people begin to be kindled anti American and anti the European moods, democracy and freedom will be limited with view of "protection" from hostile Civilization values. The advanced part of society of Russia will be declared by the fifth column of the West and begins to be restrained in the political and civil rights.

Thousand–year European choice of the radical Finn–Ugric population and the western Slavs of Russia will limit to power, ideological and economic methods. To east Slavs the complex of pride of greatness of the Eurasian Union, his "independence" and military power will take root. The USSR and the Russian Federation till now are frightened for Western Civilization. Shortly the Eurasian Union will turn in Gog and Magog Empire [30], menacing to world peace.

However not to all prophecies is given to come true. Why the Kremlin authority has not asked Russian East Slavs - they want to live in the Asian country or to be safe Europeans?

To the sad script of succession of events in Russia and the world there is an alternative. We shall name her EU–Russian Project. Essence of the project in formation of the European Christian Russian Empire – confederations of Holy Russia or the Third Rome on open spaces from Atlantic up to Pacific Ocean. Such state is already founded and formally exists since September 21, 2013 [31]. In frameworks EU–Russian Project and the positive, European future for Russian people we shall consider details of integration in our future clauses.

The Professor, the doctor of theology and historical sciences,

Grand Prince

Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev


Flag and the Coat of arms of Holy Russia - Third Rome

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